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The High Striker

The second run is more successful. They should have done the questionnaires the first time: I'll go through your coat pockets, every single drawer. I'll snoop.

Gini: "Bill. You're humming and it's freaking me out."
Bill: "Was I? Anyway, look at this science! You orgasmed, remind me...?"
Gini: "What does the readout say, buddy?"
Bill: "Anecdotal confirmation not only aids data but also future performance."
Gini: "Oh my God you are such a dork. Twice, I came twice."

Bill: "In Positions... Two and Four?"
Gini: "Three and Four."
Bill: "Male superior/female knees-to-chest, and... Female superior, rear-facing."
Gini: "Nope, Three wasn't reverse-cowgirl, it was female superior, both front-facing."
Bill: "Wrong."
Gini: "You wrong. We started with knee-to-chest, yes, but trust me that I remember quite well the significantly greater clitoral stimulation in Four."
Bill: "The Reclining Lotus."
Gini: "The what now?"
Bill: "Uh, it's from the Kama Sutra? I'm a genius of science, so I know things."

Gini: "Cool story. You know what's actually interesting, though? We both came in the same two places, but I orgasmed first both times. Two minutes before you on Two, and four minutes before you on Four."
Bill: "I don't know if that's scientifically... Uh, that may have been a function of etiquette as much as biology."
Gini: "Ladies first. You're such a gentleman. At least in positions Two and Four."
Bill: "And now I am a starving gentleman. Can we get dinner?"
Gini: "I need to look at your face when you ask me that, because it sounds like possibly a very bad idea. The kind of bad idea that retroactively turns this whole thing into..."

(Ring-ring. Thank God.)

Libby: "I am crumbling potato chips onto a casserole because it's 1957. Where you at?"
Masters: "Oh, shit. Date Night. I'll be home shortly."
Johnson: "Yikes! Rain check? Totally because I have to rush home, I just remembered."
Masters: "Sure. Hey, let me zip up your blouse..."
Johnson: "Fuck no. Then we're just cheating on your wife."

But Bill doesn't get more than a few doors down before discovering Barton Scully, stitching up a lac in the middle of the night like a crazy person. However long you're thinking it'll take him to clue in, double it.

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Masters of Sex




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