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The first thing Austin wants to do in Margaret's house, once they're done, is sit in the Provost's chair. Doesn't even think twice about what that says or means: Just that they're playing house, and even if this is adultery he still wants to play. He tries on Barton's reading glasses -- "I've got 20/20 vision," he grins, as if it refers to their penises but really because it's about their ages, and hers -- and she offers him a meatloaf sandwich.

Which changes the game considerably: He was enjoying the fantasy of prostitution, of being the tadpole, the strong young buck; with kids at home and a recently malfunctioning penis, the best thing he can be is the youngest body she's ever seen. But now she flips a napkin onto his lap, cheekily, and watches him eat.

Austin: "Say, what would the Provost do if he walked in right now? Does he own a gun?"
Margaret: "LOL. Lord, no. I do wonder, though. I do like to imagine that."
Austin: "The last time somebody poured me a glass of milk I was ten."

"Look how much you've grown," she says, changing the game again. "Drink up now, you're going to need your strength." From suitor to gigolo to rival to child. He gets to be them all. And Margaret? She's just doin' Margaret. He's changing shape so fast she doesn't even need to think. Just play along. They've never been so happy.


F: "Fifteen. In the back of a Plymouth."
M: "Twenty, in a cabin on Rainbow Lake."

M: "Not before marriage."
F: "Yes, with both marriages. Never really occurred to me to wait."

F: "Not currently married, so N/A."
M: "Not lately, no."
Gini: "Right, because of the... Oh, fuck me. I'm sorry. Shouldn't have asked."
M: "It's science. Don't worry about it. In this room I'm barely married anyway, and even if that weren't true you'd still be my best friend by a long shot."

F: "No partner at present, so N/A."
Bill: "No partner at all?"
F: "Next question."

Q: "Does emotional attachment play a significant role in your ability to enjoy sex?"
M: "Significant? No, I... Yeah. A qualified yes."
F: "Not really. Most women seem unable to separate them, but me... I mean, it's what got me the job. Women want love when they sleep with a man. I don't care either way."

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Masters of Sex




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