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The High Striker
Ethan: "You have no rival. And I already said okay. But you gotta start having sex with him all the time. It's already unlikely given his sperm, it can't be straight impossible."
Libby: "If sex with my husband is what I have to do to get pregnant, then so be it."


Back home, Ethan's brother -- a family man, whom I hear we'll get to know further down the road -- is over for a Cardinals game, and Vivian is making dinner and snacks and everything. Playing house.

Vivian: "Snacks! Is the fourth quarter almost over?"
Ethan: "Well, it's baseball. But essentially, yes. And we will be losing."
Brother: "Do your kids like baseball?"
Vivian: "I am barely an adult, sir."
Brother: "Didn't you say she had kids?"
Vivian: "I am flooded with possibilities at this time. None of them good."
Ethan: "You must have Vivian confused with some other girl dating some other person we know, right? RIGHT?"
Brother: "Oh, uh. Yeah. I guess it was from drinking beer?"
Ethan: "Yeah. And you are now cut off."


Margaret opens the door to Austin, who comes sweetly enough bearing cashews. All I can say about Dr. Langham at this point is that I sincerely hope his wife is unlikeable, like maybe a serial killer would be good, but I sincerely doubt that's true. For a show centered almost entirely on people pretending sex isn't sex and doesn't connect to everything else, it's sort of refreshing how enthusiastically blasé he is about his adultery, but that doesn't make him less of a bastard, which complicates the situation of liking him so much.

Meanwhile Barton is idling in an alleyway when a fresh-faced fellow knocks on the window, asking to wait in a car like Barton is doing. Barton is not interested, since it seems clear the guy is hustling also, but then suddenly it flips on him and Barton is getting rolled by the guy and his buddies, all of whom have given themselves permission to be robbers based on homophobia: Not robbing a gay dude because he's gay, but robbing a dude and feeling okay about it -- both morally and logistically -- because he's gay. Another transaction that leaves them clean, not to mention free of the hassles of justice.

Dale shows up warning them the cops are coming -- which everyone involved knows is almost certainly a lie -- but not before the guys get Barton's money and also stab him some. Dale gets him into the car tenderly and quickly, and then Barton starts yelling about how he can't go to the ER, because if Barton weren't doing something really unorthodox he wouldn't be in the position of getting stabbed in the first place. Eventually Dale agrees to take him to the darkened hospital, so he can do his own surgery on himself, which is just about the most awful way to end a night I can think of.

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Masters of Sex




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