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To The Moon, Connie!
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So last week, I said there was a continuity error involving Francis and Betty's car door. However, as was kindly pointed out to me by a couple readers, he actually leaned in front of the door, which was significant because it served to prevent her from leaving, putting a somewhat different tone on the whole thing. And speaking of Francis...

...Betty dreams of lying on the awful monstrosity and having Francis (since I can't see his face, I'm not sure it's actually the actor, but it's certainly meant to be the character) open her dress and run his finger down her chest. However, she's unceremoniously yanked into consciousness by the phone ringing, and I have to thank Connie for his timing, as he spared me having to regard the pink behemoth any longer. We see that it's night, and Don reaches across Betty and clumsily grabs the phone, which has awoken not only the two of them but also the baby, and as I mentioned, it's Connie, who asks, "Do you ever pray on a difficult problem?" Well, it wouldn't surprise me if he were currently seeking guidance from above on the problem of getting through this conversation without cursing you out. Betty gets up to attend to the baby, leaving Don to fumblingly grab pencil and paper to jot down Connie's further ruminations, and Connie doesn't disappoint, saying that New York City isn't a domestic destination. There are a couple ways he could mean that, neither of which I'd agree with even back then, but since Don still hasn't woken up enough to do anything other than mumble "What?" it hardly seems worth spending any time on. Connie waits for no sleepy man and moves on to ask how we know to follow our impulses, and when Don suggests it's instinct, Connie replies, "So you're just like a dog." It has been said. Connie then says the "patina" of the Waldorf has shined over all his domestic properties, but it hasn't worked with the international ones, and I feel like I'm the one that just was awoken in the middle of the night for all the sense he's making, but the point is, he says he knows he only gave him New York (...okay, true in the beginning, but what was with all the trips he was taking as of last episode?), but he'd like his help with this. Don says he'll think about some ideas, and Connie tells him it may sound like pride (I assume the disclaimer comes from a seven-deadly-sins place), but he wants Hiltons all over the world. "I want a Hilton on the moon, that's where we're headed." When Don doesn't include this later, at least we know it's not because he didn't write it down. Connie then offers some proto-neocon wisdom, saying that America is "wherever we're going to be," and when Don compliments his turn of phrase, Connie tells him he actually got it from him. Don: "Well, I guess it's not that memorable." This is why coffee is needed for society to run smoothly. That, and turning off your phone at night. Betty returns with the baby as Connie says he wants a proposal from Don "for the New York Hiltons as convention spaces" sent over to him by noon so he can take it on the plane, and Don agrees, probably so he can finally get off the damn phone. He hangs his head and then lies back, exhausted, before apologizing to Betty, who's fine with it, especially since the "four A.M. feedings" (seriously, Hilton?) apparently aren't over yet: "I want what I want when I want it." She's referring to the baby's thought process, but since several characters over the hour, including Don and Betty themselves, will repeat that sentiment almost verbatim, I think it's fair to deem it the Catchphrase Of The Episode. Betty as much as says that Connie's behavior loudly announces the COTE, and Don jokes that babies cry every three hours, while Connie only calls every four. Heh. Betty smiles, but also opines that Don likes Connie's attentions, extreme as they may be. By way of answering, Don gets up, saying he won't get back to sleep and might as well head into the office. He'd probably have a better chance of getting more rest if he hadn't already smoked half a cigarette since Connie called, but in an era when he was holding said cigarette about six inches from his infant's face, why even bring up such things?

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