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…And The Clio Goes To…

With the Life people conquered, Don heads out so he and Roger can go to the Clio afterparty, but as he gets his coat from Miss Blankenship, Peggy catches him and tells him she really needs to talk to him. Don, however, is more concerned with the fact that they have nothing on Vicks yet, and tells Miss Blankenship to "book a nice room with a lock on it" for Peggy and Stan and bill it to Vicks. He bails, and Miss Blankenship asks Peggy where she'd like to do this thing. Peggy says Don wasn't serious, but Miss Blankenship is like, "What are you basing that on?" before telling her to go get Stan. Peggy then tries to go to Pryce for help, but Pete gets there first and he and Pryce enter the latter's office...

...wherein Pete asks if they're merging with Geyer. Come on, Pete, use your brain. Ken didn't sound like he was happy there, did he? Anyway, Pryce, who's apparently a Mets fan from the banner on his wall, denies it's true, but when Pete tells him about his little run-in at the Clios, Pryce rubs his eyes in his signature way before confessing that "it came to" him that Ken was unhappy (I'm guessing blabbermouth Harry was responsible) at Geyer, and that he and his choice clients would be a welcome addition to SCDP. Pete literally is like, "Over my dead body," so Pryce stands and removes his glasses to show sincerity or respect or something and apologizes, saying he didn't mean to insult him.

Pete, however, is having none of it, saying he's a partner, dammit, and adding that he knows Pryce never liked him, reminding him that Pryce picked Ken over him, and now he wants Pete to work with him again? "Approval denied." That kind of overly pithy, internet-y talk may be anachronistic, but I don't care: HA!

However, Pryce interrupts Pete's storm-out by grabbing his arm and (faux?-)reluctantly telling him that Roger is a child, and they can't have Pete pulling the Accounts cart all by himself. Pete still looks skeptical, but Pryce tells him that Ken is proven, hungry, and laden with accounts, and asks if that puts him at ease. Pete: "What would put me at ease is you and Madame Defarge not plotting behind my back!" It seems like the only female candidate for Madame Defarge is Joan, especially since she's the one that told Pete to talk to Pryce, but I think the comparison fits Bertram a lot better. Even if you don't agree, I hope you won't begrudge me the mental picture of him knitting pernicious things up in his office.

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