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Elsewhere, Pete is telling Joan that a "that" we didn't see onscreen was not a business proposition, to which Joan replies, "You catch more flies with honey." Since we have no idea what they're talking about, it seems like the only point of that exchange was to set up Pete's ensuing line of "Oh, look -- actual flies," which, especially since that's a terrible line, is uncharacteristically sloppy work on the part of either the writers or the editor. Anyway, the "flies" he's referring to are Ken and a guy who's apparently part of the Birds Eye family (literally, Pete later says his surname is "Birdseye") who's been with Ken all the way back to SC, and the latter wastes no time in dropping the bomb that he hears the "old team" is getting back together. As Pete shits a brick, Ken is like, "Ixnay, upidstay," but the guy isn't done as he cheerfully offers this about Geyer: They don't have Don.

As the emcee tells everyone to start getting to their seats, Pete's eyes go to serial-killer width as Ken and the client shove off, and when they're gone, Pete asks Joan in a panic if they're merging with Geyer. Joan pointedly tells him to talk to Pryce before heading to the SCDP table, and Pete follows and starts to tell Don about what happened. Don, however, nervously tells him not to talk to him now, and Pete lets it go in time to see the emcee start to be heckled by an unbelievably soused Duck Phillips. And here's one of my problems with this episode -- last time we saw him, Duck was sober once more, relevant -- he's at Grey, remember, and he could have taken Peggy and Pete there -- and kind of loving life, if the way he was rogering Peggy was any indication.

Now, he gets brought back for five seconds to be the biggest boozehound in a room full of them? Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying this doesn't happen all the time in real life, but since he's a minor character past the point of relevance appearing for thirty seconds here just to buttress the Don and Roger alcohol storyline, it feels forced and dramatically unsatisfying, and it could be that they're going for some comedy, but it doesn't really play as funny. I find this ill-advised.

Anyway, Duck gets escorted out, and paying my opinion no mind, Roger laughs to Don that he misses working with that guy, and Don grins in return: "I feel like I've already won." The aged emcee tells the crowd that that will be the limit of the public-speaking portion of their show, which is a nice line but probably wouldn't have held up if Roger didn't end up getting called away. He also suggests everyone pace themselves, and I may not understand humor very well but it seems like that should get even more of a laugh than the previous line, no?

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