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…And The Clio Goes To…

Peggy asks Pete if Joan is going with the Clio group, and Pete says yes, rather eye-rollingly adding that he only has four tickets. Don, more kindly, explains that there will be a lot of other people's clients there, the implication being that it will be good to have people whose job it is to charm, i.e., Accounts and Joan. Peggy nods, but when Joan asks her if she'd like something, she stomps off, saying she has work to do. Oh, Peggy. Haven't you learned that when you're offered the chance to drink with the bigwigs, you take it?

Cut to a close-up of numerous Ku Klux Klan members and a burning cross, with a voiceover saying that the leader of the Alabama Klan claims their views are the majority in the state. When we pull back we see the images are from a film clip urging people to vote for President Johnson on Election Day, and watching on a screen in one of the offices are Megan, another random secretary, and some douchebag in a leather jacket who crows that "someone" got the clip to Goldwater, and "apparently he pissed blood." Well, that's lovely. Peggy then enters and is like, "This again? Really?" Her attitude is more understandable if you know this is the guy's reel. Speaking of, the douchebag, whom we'll soon learn is the difficult art director Stan, says one of the girls wanted to see the commercial since it never aired, and Peggy replies, "Which makes it less impressive." Well, I guess the editorial commentary suggests she's ready to write some copy.

She kicks the girls out, to Stan's amusement; but when they're gone, the two of them start bickering, with the douchebag saying she hasn't brought him anything that's gotten his "juices flowing," and he doesn't know why she doesn't accept that "man's natural state is nude," and instead of bothering herself I don't know why Peggy doesn't get Joyce down there to advocate for her on that front. Peggy asks Stan if Don's yelled at him yet, and when Stan says Don doesn't scare him, Peggy bites out, "So that's a no." Heh. She says their deadline is Monday and she isn't working this weekend, and Stan at least doesn't tell her she's cute when she's mad, which is probably the best we can expect from him.

At the Waldorf bar, Don's talking to some guy ("Ned Elliott from K&E") who opines that he's lucky the Glo-Coat execs aren't attending. "The minute you win, they know the ad's arty and then you're out of business." Heh. Roger joins them, and after Ned tells them what he's there for, he takes his leave, but no sooner is he gone than Ted Chaough appears to greet "Pebbles and Bam-Bam. Leave any drinks for the rest of us?" Seriously, did they? Chaough introduces his uniformed companion, Major General Something Or Other, and then heads off with a weak comment about how Don and Roger weren't there last year. When they're gone, Roger, continuing to drink like a large-mouthed bass, laughs that the guy in uniform is "General Rufus T. Bullshit" -- Chaough hired an actor to impress someone, and he's seen the guy before in a commercial spot.

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