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Roger, who's hilariously been trying the thing on, suggests they split the difference and go for a waist-length number before catching sight of the store's poster, which has the slogan "Why wait for a man to buy you a fur coat," with a picture of, I do believe, Betty Hofstadt (Draper? Not sure of the timeline here). Roger opines that the copy is "dumb," and asks who does their work, and Don, unfazed by the insult, replies that he does -- he told the owners writing copy was a hobby of his, and they let him try his hand at it. Roger hands Don his card, and Don, encouraged, asks if he can give him a call, but Roger, after telling him that the store needs twenty of the posters to be effective, says he only wants Don to ring for the delivery instructions for the stole. Don takes this in stride...

...and later, Joan, dressed in a sexy little number with loose shoulder-length hair, is calling to him from within their hotel suite that she saw him leave the office with something under his arm. I'm guessing it wasn't a bottle if she's making note of it. Roger emerges from the other room with a large box, and when Joan opens it and puts the mink jacket therein on, she's thrilled, and she certainly seems to have been far less hard-boiled at this age. However, Roger notices something else in the box -- a leather binder, which he opens to find a Noah's Ark-themed sketch for a Play-Doh ad.

Roger does not appreciate Don's opportunism, but quickly forgets about it as Joan, after an obligatory protest about how the gift might be too much, gets amorous; referring to the jacket, she breathes, "When I wear it, I'll think of everything that happened the night I got it." Well, so far he came out with a box, and then...oh, that's not what you were referring to. Carry on, preferably offscreen. Roger then comes back to himself and barks for Caroline to get in there. "I think I finally have a work story!" I hope Caroline gets hardship pay.

Don, Pete, Pryce, Peggy, Harry, and Joey are waiting in the conference room, and Pete yells for Joan before wondering what's keeping her. Joey takes the opportunity to respond, "Life," earning an appreciative chuckle from the more easily amused people in attendance, and then Peggy rather too eagerly asks Don when he has to leave for the ceremony. Harry butts in and says he was late for the Emmys last year, and Red Skelton gave away his seat. Pryce: "I'll surmise due to the usual nature of your stories that's someone of note." Heh. Harry laughs, either because he didn't get it or because he takes being called a starfucker as a compliment, and then Joan comes in with an ice bucket and tells the group the Life contingent has been stranded in Philly due to wind, so they are free to drink until they're due at the Waldorf in an hour.

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