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Roger and his fake tan (is it just my TV? He's SO ORANGE!) are expressing his opinion that Charlie Chaplin was too much of a sad sack, but he liked Laurel and Hardy, "except Hardy was so mean to Laurel. I hated that." Aw. All this ruminating is apparently in aid of Roger writing his memoirs, or at least dictating them, as Caroline is jotting down everything he's saying until Don comes in and compliments Roger on the "cute prank" he played with Danny. Roger dismisses Caroline, and then, seeing the drink in Don's hand, says it's a good idea: "I've been to the Clios before. We're gonna want to be prepared." As much as these two use flimsy excuses to support their alcohol abuse, I'm hard pressed to argue that one.

Don gives Roger the blow-by-blow of Danny's disastrous performance, prompting Roger to chuckle, "I told him to be himself. That was pretty mean, I guess!" Hee. The way they guffaw at that one, hilarious as it is, suggests that they're half in the bag already, which seems a little early even for these two, but Don stops laughing when Roger tells him that despite their joking here, he does want Don to hire Danny, otherwise it'll cost him a pretty penny to shut Jane up; I'm paraphrasing, but not by very much. Anyway, Roger drops that issue for now in favor of asking when they're heading out to the awards show, and Don tells him they'll go right after their meeting with Life cereal. Roger raises a glass to new business and to victory at the Waldorf. "You deserve it." They shake hands...

...which fairly seamlessly leads us into a flashback of the first time Roger and Don met in that fur shop. Don tells Roger that he can show him what's popular and what's unique, "and the only thing I ask is that you call me Don." It'd probably sound even more jovial if that were actually your name. Roger, who's got some pepper in with his salt here, tells Don that he doesn't know a lot about furs, although his mother had a chinchilla. "I was always on the verge of a romantic relationship with it." Given that it's Roger we're dealing with, I wonder what stopped him.

Don asks if this fur will be for his mother, and Roger answers, "I bet you never hear that," which isn't exactly a "yes." Don asks if he'd like to throw out a ballpark figure, but Roger isn't sure, adding that he needs to spend a lot without appearing to spend too much, which Don says is hardly a unique problem. Offering an apology if he's being too forward, Don asks if the fur is to say sorry for something, but Roger denies that, "No, no, no. I know exactly how much that costs." Heh. He adds that he needs something that says "I'm getting to know you, but I don't want to scare you," which pretty much puts paid to the idea that it's for his mother even if Don is uncharacteristically naïve, and this to Don means a mink stole, which has the advantage of, you know, being mink, but is always the right size and is a nice way to ease into things. "You can always come back for the rest of it."

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