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Pete could point out that he's the one that took the real risk by bringing his accounts to a start-up and that he's been the one behind almost all their new business of late, but he doesn't bother with such obvious and insecure protests: "Look, Ken. Everyone here likes you. But this is a small shop, and I need to know you can do as you're told." Ken's smile fades in shock at how much Pete Campbell has changed, not to mention the realization that he's not likely to get ahead of him anytime soon, but he's nothing if not adaptable, and he recovers to nod his agreement. Now that they understand each other, Pete leans back, puts his hands behind his head, and asks how the wedding plans are going. And since AMC is so keen on reminding us about the Emmys, let me say this: Vincent Kartheiser, next year. I mean it.

Don and Danny emerge from the former's office, and Don barks for Peggy to take Danny over to Joan, as he'll start the next Monday. Peggy: "Are you kidding?" Well, I think Danny's beyond taking offense to anything at this point. Don can't take being in Danny's presence one second longer, which I suppose means Danny is Miss Blankenship Number Two in the sense that he's only there because Don screwed up and will irritate him no end as a result. Peggy sees Ken still chatting with Pete in the conference room and heads in to greet him warmly, leaving Danny to wait awkwardly out in front of Miss Blankenship's station. You should like her, Danny -- she's definitely The Cure For The Common Secretary.

Roger's back dictating his memoirs, this time using a tape recorder, and he clearly and kind of sadly has nothing of any importance to say, so it's just as well that Don comes in and tells him he hired Danny. Roger asks what changed his mind, and Don tells him, "Couldn't live without him." Thank God he sounds like he's being sarcastic, because if he honestly tried to sell the idea that he realized Danny's talented the grade on this episode would suffer even more. Roger produces Don's Clio and tells him he left it at the bar, and you can make your excuses about stolen taglines and forgotten children and coffee-shop tricks, but when Roger Sterling is cleaning up after you, it's time for you to take a good hard look at yourself.

Roger then tells Don he'll give it back if Don will say one thing -- he couldn't have done it without him, and I just find it so bizarre that Roger is so insistent on calling attention to something that happened in exactly the opposite way he's claiming, especially to the one person besides him who actually knows that. I mean, if they were both cynically winking to each other about it, tacitly acknowledging that Roger essentially had nothing to do with hiring Don other than being bombed, it would make sense, but Don seems genuinely chastened at being told he didn't acknowledge Roger, while Roger's been an open wound about the entire thing this whole episode. Anyway, as I indicated, after Roger watches Don head back to Danny (oh, the parallels!), we head into one last flashback...

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