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…And The Clio Goes To…

Don arrives and immediately tells Miss Blankenship to call "the Pen and Pencil" and ask if anyone found "his" award, and when Miss Blankenship asks what category, Don snits, "Best Actress. It's a Clio." Dude, not that I'm for giving Miss Blankenship a competency award, but didn't we just learn that there are, like, a million billion categories? Not to mention the fact, as I think she was implying, that Don's probably not the only one who was boozed up enough to leave the thing behind. Anyway, Miss Blankenship's face is just like, "Whatever, Drunk-Ass," and then Don heads into his office...

...only to find Danny already there, as "they" apparently told him to wait inside. Miss Blankenship gets her revenge by buzzing and saying Don's "little friend" is waiting, and Don rolls his eyes but closes the door and tries to buy the "The cure for the common [fill in the blank]" idea from him for fifty bucks. Danny, however, is a tougher customer than you might expect, and sticks to his demand of a job even when Don first ups the offer to a hundred and then tells Danny he could just go ahead and use the idea without paying him at all. Danny doesn't even dignify that last bit with an answer, as clear a bluff as it is, so Don tries to tell him that he wouldn't even have made it into the room if it weren't for Roger, but Danny tells him he knows that all too well. "That's all I have. That, and my ideas." Don looks really regretful that he's having this conversation without benefit of coffee. Here's a tip: On the days you have to clean up steaming messes of your own making, GET IN EARLY! I mean, you think I'm joking, but Ken is on his way there now for LUNCH!

Speaking of, Pete is waiting in the conference room when Pryce shows Ken in, who's all wide-eyed enthusiasm about the new digs. Pete summarily dismisses Pryce and then wordlessly beckons Ken into a chair before telling him that he's given things a lot of thought, and if Ken is open to the direction in which he's taking the Accounts department, he'd be a great addition to Pete's team. Ken asks what that's supposed to mean, and it's not like we know exactly what he was expecting, but I think he was probably figuring that, given that Ken became his superior before SC fell apart, Pete would be happy with them at least being on equal footing. Pete, calm as calm can be, informs Ken that things have changed in a permanent way, and Ken tries for a mixture of bravado and camaraderie and he opines that nothing has changed.

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