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Once inside, she tells him he won't want to hear this, but the Life cereal tag he sold belonged to "Roger's idiot." Don has no idea what she's talking about, and Peggy, who by the way is wearing the same outfit she had on Friday night, which means she stuck it out in the hotel all weekend, sidesteps any discussion of the fact that he doesn't remember the meeting, instead saying she's gotten stuff stuck in her head before and couldn't remember where it came from. "It's that kid's." Don suggests she call Life and tell them it's terrible, but she informs him that they loved it, and when he reiterates that it's terrible, she replies, "Well, neither you nor the client was in a condition to notice." Sassy, but eminently deserved, and speaking of conditions, it's not like Don's in one at the moment to argue.

He tells her to think of ten more tags, but Peggy tells him to shove it, as she's been holed up in a hotel room working with "that pig" all weekend, and as such is tapped out. He asks what she's talking about with the hotel room, and I think Peggy should be canonized for not immediately stabbing him through the eye with a fireplace poker, but she shakes off her annoyance at the confirmation of her suspicion that she was in that hotel room for nothing and tells him he needs to fix things by bringing Danny in the very next day. He uncharacteristically bows his head in defeat, and Peggy stands tall for a moment before leaving him without any softening of the blow. I recall some time ago joking that he'd be fetching her coffee someday, but it doesn't seem quite so crazy now.

Right before we go back to the action, we get a card congratulating the show on the award for Best Drama, like, THANKS FOR SPOILING THE EMMYS, AMC. I mean, not that I personally gave a crap about knowing, but you couldn't have waited at least until the rebroadcast?

Pryce comes in to see Pete and tells him Ken's on his way over, and Pete, in a tone that will brook no dissent, tells Pryce to have Ken meet him in the conference room when he arrives. Pryce looks a bit taken aback, but he certainly owes Pete that much, so he leaves without another word.

Apparently, Peggy finally got Stan to, you know, draw something, and he's explaining the sketch to Joey, who approves of the concept. Stan tells him what he sees is pretty much how he pitched it, and Peggy agrees, saying she "just changed one...little thing," complete with thumb and forefinger as visual aids, and Stan looks like he's going to vomit, but at least he refrains from crossing his legs, while Joey looks back and forth between them like he's almost got half a handle on what Peggy's talking about here. Figure it out, kid! It's hilarious!

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