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…And The Clio Goes To…

...and then there's a predictable, yet still hilarious, smash cut to the two of them getting drinks in a restaurant. I certainly have my issues with the episode, but I do appreciate how it emphasizes one particular point that the show has done a good job of consistently driving home, and that is how Don and Roger are terrible influences on each other. Roger is still not sold on the idea of hiring Don, especially with him having been privy to his illicit fur buying, and says he wants to get out of there before the lunch rush. "It's embarrassing." I think he's referring to drinking in the morning, but the fact that he needs to lean on Don's shoulder to steady himself certainly qualifies as well. Still, he can't be falling-down drunk -- he's a pro, and they can't have been at this more than an hour and a half, no? They head out to put Roger in a cab...

...and then we rejoin Peggy and Stan. Peggy runs through some ideas, and then, noticing that Stan's staring at the ceiling, gets his attention before saying that her pencil is a little dull. Leaning forward, she playfully offers, "Maybe I should dip that thing in some ink and write with it." That'd make for an interesting next Confession, I'd say. Stan whines for her to stop looking, but she won't, and after she wins their ensuing staring contest, he puts his pants back on while calling her "the smuggest bitch in the world." What a day -- not only did she get the better of him, she finally won an award of her own! Stan goes to use the bathroom, and as she triumphantly puts her bra back on, she calls to "Rizzo" that she's hungry. "Do you want anything?" A Little Stan that will do as he's told?

Don's in bed with the bimbo, who apparently wrote the jingle on the Clio winner for cake mixes and toppings. He asks her to hum a few bars, and she obliges, but it's exactly the music for "The Star-Spangled Banner," and once again, if the show's trying to throw in another comment about plagiarism it is way overdone, because who wouldn't recognize that? This whole episode just feels like a bridge too far, and even Don in his wasted state offers that it "sounds familiar," but he's soon distracted by something else the woman does with her mouth, in the Down There area, which seems from his reaction to be an unfamiliar experience. You'd think he would have had his dick sucked at some point, given how many people have kissed his ass over the years. On the other hand, this skill could explain how the woman got everyone to look the other way at her obvious plagiarism.

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