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As a sermon can be heard in the background, we start on a close up of two gloved hands holding a booklet that holds "The Church of the Holy Innocents" Passion Sunday order of events (the date is April 8, 1962). We then see two boys who can only be Peggy's nephew and son, because next to them in a pew are Peggy, her sister Anita, and her mother. The sermon is of the fire-and-brimstone ilk that likely made Peggy stop going to church in the first place, and when the priest gets to the part about people living worthily and having their own crosses to bear, Peggy says she's not feeling well and walks out, much to her sister's annoyance, particularly since she needs Peggy's help with dinner. However, in the anteroom, Peggy runs into another priest, who... hey, it's Colin Hanks! I personally haven't seen him in anything since they killed him off on Roswell! Could it be that we were once so young? Well, he was, anyway. After finishing giving two apparently naughty boys a talking-to, Colin Hanks introduces himself as "Father Gill." He recognizes Peggy as "Katherine Olson's girl" (I seem to remember that this method of reference was common back then) and mentions that he's a visiting priest, and also, he's having dinner over at Anita's. This is enough for Peggy to change her tune and head back in. I don't think the sermoner would approve Peggy thinking the new priest is cute as an example of worthy living, but he'll at least be happy she's inside when the collection plate gets passed.

Cut to an overhead shot of Don and Betty having a morning lie-in. The phone rings, and Betty groggily answers and mumbles some things about a barbecue they're apparently supposed to attend, and Don's half on top of her practically before he's even opened his eyes. What's the story, morning glory? He breathes that Betty should cancel, and with a mischievous look, she does, telling "Caroline" that Don isn't feeling well. They reschedule, and when Betty hangs up, Don tells her he had an amazing dream. He doesn't mention if the dream was about her, but given the Valentine's Day droopiness, I suppose she's not in a position to split hairs. Their foreplay is interrupted, however, by the kids rushing in, and Don barks at them to get out. "We're... sleeping." Heh. I just hope the bed's strong enough to take it when you're "awake." Sally's got a great "I didn't just fall off the turnip truck" look on her face, but regardless, Don kicks her and her brother out and gets back to his, uh, nap.

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