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There's a certain irony in the season finale of a show about advertising containing not a single commercial. But I've got fifty-one uninterrupted minutes to get through here, so I might as well not sit around gabbing about it, don't you think?

We start on Trudy and who we'll soon learn is her mother. They're discussing design ideas, ostensibly for Trudy and Pete's apartment; we then pan over to Trudy's dad, who's telling Pete that Nixon never stood a chance, as the Browns trounced the Redskins, and the result of that game has correctly predicted the last six elections. Not clear why Cleveland stands for the Dems in this scenario, but I never placed much stock in Wednesday-morning quarterbacking anyway. ["Actually, the determinant is simply whether or not the Redskins win their last home game before the election, so the Browns in and of themselves aren't significant. This is a real thing, and it held true up until the '04 election, and now I will return to my fortress of nosy know-it-alls. Carry on." -- Joe R] Trudy's dad tells Pete that he wants to treat him like a son, which is a nice sentiment if you forget for a moment that Pete's screwing his daughter. Trudy's dad goes on that Trudy told him about Pete getting passed over for promotion, and suggests that maybe that's a sign that Pete should take some focus off his work. Pete jokes that that's a strange sentiment coming from one of the top salesmen at Vicks Chemical, and adds that Vicks just acquired Clearasil. (This is historically accurate, if you're wondering.) Pete wants to bring in Trudy's dad as a client, but Trudy's dad thinks that Pete should be more concerned with knocking his daughter up. Well, after this episode there will be no doubt that he possesses that ability. The women join them, and Trudy's dad says giving him and his wife a grandchild would be a great Christmas present. "And hell, Thanksgiving's Thursday!" Well, if you do try to conceive on Thanksgiving, I'd suggest doing so before eating yams and Brussels sprouts. Those things will stimulate you in exactly the wrong place for what you're trying to accomplish.

Don and Betty are sitting up in bed, and she babbles briefly about Thanksgiving before telling him she wishes he'd come with her. He lectures her that he's a partner, and eighty percent of his business rolls out next week, so it's silly for him to go only to have to turn right around and come back. Nice that the promotion came through in time to supply that excuse. It's like he got an early Christmas bonus! Betty points out that it would be great for the kids if he came, and he counters that they could have done the celebration at their house. Betty: "You know my brother's kids are animals. They can't make the trip up here." Betty, since this show is about advertising I hope you'll take this as constructive criticism, but I think your hard sell could use some work. She adds that she doesn't want her dad to be alone, and I wonder if that means he and Gloria broke up, or if Betty's simply refusing to acknowledge her existence at this point. This could be an attitude borne of us being at the end of the season, but if I don't have to see it, I don't really care which it is. She tries to get a reaction from him by saying she'll take a cab to the train in a "No no, it's FINE" voice, but when that doesn't work, she accuses him of not wanting to go. Don: "I'm sorry, was I unclear about that?" It strikes me that it would be really ironic and poignant if by the end of this episode, Don is longing for a closer connection with his family. But I've got a lot of work ahead of me here, so I'm going to stop wasting time talking crazy. Betty says she doesn't know why he can't make her family his, and Don responds by simply turning out the light.

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