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h ways, and given that people expect him to be a total lush, the difficulty in quitting or even cutting down on his drinking won't be limited to his own desires. I mean, can you imagine the Greek tragedy of Roger's reaction were Don to become a teetotaler?

Bethany gets out of the cab as she says, "To be continued," which is pretty much a promise that Don will have an all-access pass soon if only he calls to pick it up, but as if we already didn't know that wasn't going to happen, DVO speculates, "I bet she was thinking of that line all night." Ouch. Probably true, but still. DVO continues that he looked up at the Barbizon and thought of all the women pleasuring themselves on the way to Sleepytown, and later, in bed, he admits that he enjoys sleeping alone, as you can stretch out like a skydiver and hit cool patches when you need to. "I just appreciate it more." The good news on that is that it's easily arranged. Although it would be even easier if he were a fugster.

Don gets off the elevator at SCDP, and passes Faye engaging in some most uncharacteristic yelling into the phone: "I want my key back, and I don't want to see your shorts on my floor, and I don't want you complaining that I don't cook, 'cause I don't cook!" I hope she's not recruiting for her next focus group here, because the pitch could use some work. As Don heads in, opening the door for some randoms as he goes, Faye yells at "David" to go shit in the ocean, as if seeing Jaws when I was six didn't give me a lifetime reason to avoid it already.

Betty awakens to find Henry already dressed and on his way out, and once again, he's not exactly impressing me with his ability to deal with crises in a constructive manner when he passive-aggressively tells her he wasn't going to wake her because he thought she could use the sleep. I mean, ordinarily I'd find that most considerate, but not the way he's doing it. Betty tells him she's sorry and asks him to come over to her, which is the more adult action if you ask me, but even though she expresses remorse and explains that Don was the only man she'd ever been with, he barely softens at all and tells her he'll call later. Of course, she is omitting a little encounter with CAPTAIN AWESOME, but I can understand why she'd want to keep that a secret. Well, actually, no I can't. Shout it from the rooftops, Betty! People will understand, at least if they see him!

In the garage, Henry starts the car, but when he notices a bunch of boxes in front of him labeled "Draper," he drives the car into them before backing out. This is the man being tapped to create a Presidential campaign, people. No wonder it didn't work out.

We get a close-up on Joey making a cocktail out of vodka and Mountain Dew, which he calls "jet fuel." Peggy corrects him that it's "rocket fuel," and when Stan and that guy who was in with Don and Faye that one time join them, she goes on that you need three ingredients for a cocktail. "Vodka and Mountain Dew is an emergency." Heh. We then see Joan go into Pryce's office and tell him about Don's wish to have Joey on full-time for the next three weeks, and she certainly didn't break any speed records bringing that request down the hall, did she? Pryce disclaims any interest in the decision, prompting Joan to close the door and tell him that she thinks the vending machine is a troublemaker. Oh, Joan. I hate to see you cry, but being ineffective might be even worse. Pryce demurs, saying that he even wants to add a sandwich machine, and when Joan tells him that there have been a lot of complaints, she receives this reply: "Did you tell them to call the number?" Joan looks like she'd like to do a lot of things to him at the moment, but none of them of a sexual nature. Too bad they didn't keep the door open...

...because outside, the boys wonder what Pryce and Joan are up to behind the closed door, and after Stan mutters that it's an "unholy alliance," Joey picks up his pad and sketches a depiction of, according to what he tells the boys, Pryce giving it to Joan from behind, prompting Peggy to leave in disgust. When she's gone, Stan says that she's "pioneering the science of wet blanketry," earning this response from Joey: "You love her." Joey, I've said my piece about your chauvinism, but know that I'll miss your ability to truth-tell in certain instances, such as this one.

Don is sitting motionless in front of his typewriter when Miss Blankenship buzzes that Henry is on the phone. Don doesn't get quite the WTF expression I would have expected on his face; instead, he picks up, and after some stilted greetings, Henry tells Don that he bought a boat that he'd like to keep in the garage, so Don's things are going to have to go. Well, the good news is that someone in this episode is behaving more transparently than Joan, not that I'd expect any different from half of the two people who couldn't have been worse at having an affair if they tried. Henry offers to put the stuff in storage and take it off the rent, and I'm glad to hear that Don went through with his threat to charge them for staying in the house, but Don tells him he'd rather come get it himself. Henry pauses and says that Gene's birthday party is on Sunday, and when Don says he knows, Henry continues, "So I think Saturday would be best, don't you?" Again, this is not the way to achieve d├ętente, but I'm a lot more inclined to allow this one, because that shit was cold. Don can't even disguise the fact that he's wounded by that one, looking like he swallowed a bee, and when Henry tells him the S.S. Make Believe is coming the next week, Don tells him he'll be there at noon on Saturday and hangs up without further ado. We then see him take an appraising look at his bar, but instead of doing what he's done all season, he buzzes Miss Blankenship and asks for coffee. Excellent effort, Don -- just make sure she doesn't make assumptions and Irish it up.

Peggy comes in to Joan with a vending-machine complaint, and it's not like Joan's thrilled to hear it, but she gets even less so when she notices a drawing taped to the outside of her window depicting her rather busty self giving Pryce head with the caption "Tally-Ho!" I'll admit the tagline made me laugh, but it's all to do with Pryce, especially when you consider his little dalliance earlier in the season. With Peggy in tow, Joan marches out to the break area and asks Joey, Stan, and that random guy who it was that made "that pornographic drawing," and when she gets only puerile taunts in return, she takes a few moments before blowing her stack, telling the boys she can't wait for them to get shipped off to Vietnam. "You will be pining for the day when someone was trying to make your life easier. When you're over there, and you're in the jungle and they're shooting at you, remember you're not dying for me, because I never liked you." Forget everything I said about Joan no longer commanding respect, and Christina Hendricks sold the hell out of that.

As Joan leaves the scene, Peggy says her name, but Joan has got her groove back, and calmly tells her not to worry -- she's not going home. Joey wonders what's wrong with Joan, like he expected her to take the drawing with good humor, and Peggy, upset, reminds him that she told him not to do it. She grabs the thing off the wall, and this is where she screws up, because even though her heart's in the right place she didn't take the time to realize that Joan was cool, calm, and collected, and thus perfectly happy with how she handled the situation. Nevertheless...

...Peggy marches into Don's office and shows him the offending material, getting this reply: "Narrative, forced sure Joey did this?" HA! Peggy doesn't see the humor, of course, once again saying that she told Joey not to, and I didn't catch this on first viewing but I think part of her problem with the situation is that Joey didn't heed her even though she's his superior, which offends her both as a woman and as, well, an ambitious person. You can decide for yourself which part is the more wounded. And on that front, Peggy gets more than she bargained for as Don tells her simply to go fire him. Taken aback, she admits she thought he would merely go discipline Joey, but Don tells her she can do what she likes, but she should trust him that she doesn't want to get him involved, as people will think she's a tattletale. Miss Blankenship then buzzes that Faye is there, so Don stands and dismisses Peggy with the advice to go out there and earn some respect if that's what she wants. Faye then enters, so Peggy leaves...

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