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In the SCDP break room, Harry is handing out tickets to a CCTV viewing of the upcoming Muhammad Ali-Sonny Liston title rematch, and in case you're unfamiliar with the controversy that surrounded it, here's a link so you'll know what to expect. Harry has enough tickets for the Campbells, the "Cosgroves" (did we skip over Ken's wedding?), and Joey, Stan, and Danny, the last three of whom he charges ten bucks each. Danny asks why they have to pay when it's obvious Harry got the tickets for free, and Danny may be a terrible copywriter but it sure didn't take him long to figure out what a douchebag Harry is. Pursuant to that point, Harry laughs that Danny is such a Jew, which even though Danny may well be Jewish, I don't think Harry means literally, not that that makes it much better. Danny, however, has a reasonable comeback when he asks if Harry's friends in Hollywood knows he talks that way, and by the way, if they're discussing cheapness, Harry's kind of leading the field by trying to score thirty bucks off something he got for free. Actually, I think the money's less important to Harry than the idea of emphasizing that he's more important than the peon Creative guys, although as you'd expect, making that point so obviously kind of cheapens it. And just when you thought Harry couldn't get any cheaper. I think I'd rather spend an afternoon at a beatnik poetry reading, headlined by Paul Kinsey and that asshole Roy from Season One, than hang out with Harry for more than five minutes. Harry is like the fainting couch of Season Four.

Talk then turns to the fight, and as we'll learn Stan is going to represent some bets to his barber, who's a bookie on the side. Danny puts twenty-five on Ali (or "Clay," as he was still commonly called) by knockout. After Ken gets some lines about how Liston's going to win and Pete tells us his heart often beats rather speedily thanks to a congenital issue, Don arrives, and after Harry gives him his ticket, Joey tells him about Stan's barber, and Stan opines that Ali would make a hell of an ad man. Don agrees and then amusingly follows by putting a hundred on Liston, and Ken hilariously makes an "Our god has spoken" gesture in the others' direction before Harry asks Don if he's going to join them at the Palm for a pre-fight shindig. Don tells him "Absolutely" in a tone only slightly more enthusiastic than he would use to announce his intention to attend an upcoming root canal party before calling the Samsonite team into his office, and after Creative leaves, Harry tells Pete and Ken that if it comes up with Jennifer, he did pay for the seats. Even though she's not my, or I suspect anyone's, cup of tea, I wish Jennifer were around more often so she could keep Harry from swinging whatever passes for his dick around.

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