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Giving Up The Ghost
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In his bathroom, Don takes a cotton ball and soaks it in what's probably whiskey before sticking it in his mouth over a particular tooth. From the not-in-a-good-way he rolls his eyes back in his head, he appears to be in some pain and having had oral surgery myself, I will not be the one to make fun of him.

Megan re-enters the apartment from picking up a couple things and we learn JULIA ORMOND is back. Megan tells Marie she'll make breakfast, but Marie offhandedly comments in French that her coffee is too weak and, by the way, "your husband" hasn't left. Megan calls to Don that he's going to be late before opening a letter that apparently doesn't contain good news, but when Don finally emerges she hides the piece of paper -- an act not lost on her mother, who asks Don if he'd like an omelette. Don sighs that he'd better not and the fact that Don's tooth is so bad he can't even handle an egg understandably gets Megan worried, but Don tells her the pain will go away. "It always does." Okay, I know I said I wouldn't make fun of him, but if he's being that stubborn about going to a dentist I may have to reconsider. Of course, Megan does a fair job herself by commenting that he should "go easy on the mouthwash" when she tastes the liquor on Don's breath. As he's leaving, Marie tells Megan that she shouldn't keep things from her husband. I'm not convinced Don's even quite out the door, but I'm thinking the chances he dropped the French lessons are pretty good. Marie inspects the letter, which apologizes for there being no response to Megan's reel and encourages her to try some advanced film workshop they just happen to offer. Working in the entertainment industry, I do sympathize when Megan explains that she paid for a screen test and the company was supposed to take it and send it to agents, but given that it's only been a week since she went in for it, they obviously didn't do squat and are now just trying to jack her for some more money. Marie offers in English that it's a great sin to take advantage of "hopeless" people and although at Megan's umbrage she backpedals and claims in French that she meant to take advantage of people's hopes, I don't think Freud would buy the language barrier as an excuse.

On the morning train, Pete is surprised to look up and see Howard with Beth, who "recalls" that they "almost had dinner." Howard references a second honeymoon that Pete and Trudy apparently took or that Pete said they were taking, but Pete ignores him in favor of asking Beth where she's off to. There's a pause long enough to indicate shenanigans before Howard explains that Beth is going to stay with her sister for a bit and I was trying to figure it out because if they were separating it hardly seems likely that they'd be traveling together, but I wasn't expecting the worst part of this episode to come from these two. Pete pointedly asks where that might be, but this time it's Beth who declines to answer, instead saying that she's going to the smoking car. She quickly makes her way out despite Howard's protests that they'll have to stand (guess most people don't appreciate Metro-North's progressive policy) and when she's gone, Howard tells Pete not to take it personally, that Beth is in a mood and I WONDER WHY THAT MIGHT BE. As Howard leaves, Pete notices a scarf of Beth's sticking out of one of the suitcases Howard's schlepping and takes a quick feel of it, and I'm going to have to quote Estelle Costanza: What can be gained by feeling a person's material?

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