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Company Woman

...because he's lost no time in getting up to her place. Gail lets him in and after she's gotten Joan out of the bedroom and withdrawn to the nursery, Joan, wearing a robe, asks what she can do for Don. Don flatly tells her that Jaguar isn't worth what they're asking her to do and adds, "Who wants to be in business with people like that?" Joan comes as close as she ever does to flinching before quietly saying she was told everyone was on board and when Don explains what really happened, she finds a smile through her sadness: "You're a good one, aren't you?" Don asks if that means she understands what he's saying and she says she does before thanking him and telling him she's all right. Relieved, he tells her to have a nice night while he goes to prepare, but she reaches out a hand and silently caresses his cheek in a gesture of affection. He looks a bit bewildered, but leaves without any further comment than a wish that she "say goodnight to your friend" and I'd make a comment about how Gail must be loving being mistaken as a friend of Joan's instead of her mother, but this is so not the time for that.

It looks like Ocean's Eleven as the SCDP boys -- Don, Roger, Pete, Stan, Harry and Ken -- roll into the Jaguar showroom. Cut to Don talking about how deep beauty creates deep desire -- and then we cut to Joan turning up to a hotel room and seeing Gross Pig answer the door. Oh GOD. She's at least putting forth her usual Joan confidence even as she must be dying inside and she enters before we cut back to Don talking some more about longing; then back to the hotel, in which Gross Pig fastens an emerald stone on a gold chain around Joan's neck. More intercutting, more talk of unattainable objects, Gross Pig asking to "see 'em," Joan wordlessly turning away so he can unzip her dress. It's no coincidence she's been compared to Helen of Troy and Cleopatra in this episode; what we're seeing is tragedy on a grand scale. Don talks about how you can actually have a Jaguar and then it's... afterwards, as Gross Pig thanks her for a wonderful time and says she's a "hell of a gal." Don unveils the art with the tagline on it and no one looks more enthused than Gross Pig...

...and then Joan, in her bedroom, is just taking off the necklace Gross Pig gave her and putting it back in the box (doesn't look like she's throwing it away) when her mother comes in to tell her Don is there. So she'd already gone through with it when he turned up, as if you didn't think the tragedy could be elevated any further. Joan asks why Gail told him Joan was home, making me wonder how much she told Gail, but Gail simply says he's her boss and she should see him. She heads back out and Joan, with a look of absolute despair, pulls her robe on...

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