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Company Woman

Ginzo comes in to see Don and, after he navigates the latter's terrible mood, tentatively offers that while he knows they were supposed to drop the mistress angle, he imagines "the asshole who's going to want this car" and how he must have a lot of beautiful things. Don reluctantly acknowledges this and gives Ginzo leave to continue, so he tells Don that the copy will be describing a woman who's like the car -- beautiful, fast, impractical -- but a woman you can't have. Don says he was always fine with that concept, but they need a line to which Ginzo replies: "Jaguar: At last, something beautiful you can truly own." Don considers this for a moment before breaking into a grin of relief, which is gross, but far better than the alternative that as far as he knows isn't happening.

Hey, Peggy's meeting with Freddy Rumsen! He can't help but be amused upon hearing about Don's little stunt with the money and Peggy seems to have adopted some disdainful world-weariness about the whole thing at least. Freddy offers that he can ever tell if Peggy's ambitious or just likes to complain, but if it were the former, she'd realize that having all this new responsibility makes it the perfect time to make a move from SCDP. Peggy doesn't seem to take him seriously at first, lightly agreeing that she could take a couple meetings, but Freddy suggests she do a lot more than that -- she could shine elsewhere. "And you'd let him know you're not some secretary from Brooklyn who's dyin' to help out." This hits Peggy where she used to live, but she's still not quite ready to let go of her hero worship of Don. However, Freddy tells her he can help her, adding that he might benefit too by going back to SCDP for some work before assuring her that if Don weren't the subject of the conversation he'd tell her to leave too. I love this progressive reincarnation of Freddy Rumsen in his post-alcohol era, but Peggy looks like shit just got incredibly real for her. Again, good episode for it.

Pete comes in to tell Don that the campaign is brilliant and by the way, he can present in the fullest confidence as they've removed "all other impediments." The color goes out of Don's face as realization sets in and he tells Pete to close the door. Pete, however, knows where this is going and tells Don it was four to zero with Don having abstained. "The conversation doesn't end just because you leave the room." I said that before; now I want to take it back, because I hate to get caught agreeing with Pete on any point this episode. After Don hears what Pete promised Joan, knowing it's an offer she probably can't refuse, he yells for Dawn to buzz her and when Pete softly tells him she's not there, he amends the order to her getting him his things. On his way out, Don seethes that he doesn't want it like this, but Pete shrugs his shoulders: "It was her idea." I'm guessing he's referring to the compensation, as we all know Gross Pig conceived of the unspeakable act, but I think Don is leaving with the impression that Joan is a lot more willing than she actually is. It's tragic on a rather epic scale that he's the only one who cares about her enough to stop this and yet the information only he has been privy to about her divorce is making her cooperation seem more likely to him than to anyone else. But hey, maybe he'll sway her yet...

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