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Company Woman

Joan arrives home to a mother wondering where she was as its eight o'clock and there are some unappetizing smells as the refrigerator is out. And so many people thought this was a lame signal of Joan's financial worries that I'm surprised I didn't see any headlines reading "A Fridge Too Far." (Thanks, Homer Simpson-going-on-disability episode.) Joan wonders why Gail didn't call someone to fix it and Gail replies, "His wife won't let him come here anymore." Hey, I'm not going to begrudge Gail a piece of blue-collar tail if that's what she's into, but she then wonders why no one will believe that she and "Apollo" are just friends and you'd do better to own it, lady. With as trying a day as she's had, Joan isn't exactly up for the usual mother-daughter snittery and snaps that they can afford to get someone else, getting this response from her mother: "Get a colored girl in here. They're used to getting bossed around." Joan looks like she's ready to get right back on the bus to Midtown, but Gail isn't done as she points her acid tongue in Greg's direction; when Joan asks that she not talk that way around Kevin, Gail counters that he's just a baby. "He doesn't know we all wish his father was dead." Both of them -- based on this episode -- if we're bring honest. Joan basically throws herself on her mother's mercy and when Gail ascertains that she's been drinking, she has her daughter sit down and heads to the bar to pour a round, which I'm thinking is actually not the first for either of them.

At home, Megan bursts into the bedroom and tells Don that she's one of four girls to get called back for Little Murders and she gets to meet the playwright next week and just imagine if she gets to go to Boston? Don's like, whoa sister -- Boston for three months is not happening. Megan's face falls as she asks him how he thought this worked. And honestly, I know Don can be selectively rube-ish when he wants to be, but is he completely unaware of regional theater? He tries to head out the door, but she guesses he never thought about the logistics because he didn't expect her to make it. "This is the way it works. Now you know." She storms out, and he yells after her to keep doing whatever the hell she wants. Well, there goes the celebration sex.

Oh man, Joan has come to talk to Pete and once they've taken a seat, she instructs him to inform the partners that she wants a five percent non-silent partnership. "There's no negotiation." I'd cheer this open-and-shut performance if she didn't sound so palpably sad; her tone is like a whistle only your soul can hear. Pete takes her at her word, but balks when she tells him she wants papers by the end of the day as obviously she can't guarantee results. When they get past that hurdle, Pete leans forward and says he's not sure how the logistics will work here, which is rich coming from the pimp himself, so you can hardly blame Joan for raising her voice and telling him to figure something out. "Do I have to do all of it?" If you're talking about Gross Pig, I'm afraid so. Pete at least looks abashed in response and taking that as assent, Joan gets up to go, but turns back to ask which one Gross Pig is. Pete tries to tell her he's not bad, but Joan simply replies, "He's doing this." I'd like to say Pete takes a moment to contemplate the fact that he is too. I'd really like to say that.

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