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Company Woman

Speaking of Pete, to emphasize the theme I mentioned above, he's reading "Goodnight Moon" to his daughter as Trudy watches beatifically. What price this life in Cos Cob, Trudy? What happens when your daughter's old enough to be Joan? And was it worth paying SAG child rates to hammer the point home quite this hard?

Don's back in the conference room dozing in his chair when Megan turns up with that red-headed friend Juliet in tow and brightly pulls Don out. Some older dude who I guess is working temp for Jaguar is all, "So THAT'S Megan" and Juliet is like, that'll do pig. Well, not quite, but I'm waiting for SOMEONE to say it.

In his office, between the kisses that Megan is showering him with, Don notices that Megan's wearing her "audition dress" (Say WHAT? I mean, we know it's not lucky) and Megan tells him not to worry, there are probably twenty girls going in and besides, the casting guy is a "fairy." Megan! Aren't you friends with theater queens? If not, that's just another thing you're doing wrong in this business. As Megan pushes Don into a chair and straddles him, he guesses that what she's doing isn't really for him and I'm surprised he's so jaded but he's probably wondering if she's going to start singing "Zou Bisou Bisou" again. She goes for his pants...

...while in the conference room, Juliet is "auditioning" to play the part of a jaguar, purring and crawling around on the table. I'm not sure anyone asked for this, but they don't seem too bent about it either. Meanwhile, Ginzo, staring at Don's closed office door, muses that "she just comes and goes as she pleases." Stan's like, hot redhead in stockings crawling around on the table and Ginzo decides to watch the show. Well, it's either that or go listen at Don's door, I guess.

Trudy, apparently having just put their daughter down, comes to sit with Pete, but instead of trying to enjoy their quiet time together, Pete informs his wife that "if and when" they get Jaguar, he's going to need a place in the city. Pete, could we wait to focus on all the tail you plan to pull in the city until after you're done whoring Joan out? My stomach lining isn't what it used to be. As usual, I thank God for Trudy, who tells him no way, no day -- his love affair with Manhattan is over and by the way, why aren't they even trying for a second child? Pete: "I'm using all my energy putting my foot down!" Pete, with the length of your legs, how much energy could that take?

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