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Company Woman

Megan's sitting on the bed reading sides when Don comes home and is surprised to see she waited up. She's like, well, not really since I have this big audition and maybe we should talk about your day instead? After Don "jokes" that he's going to watch Carson and cry himself to sleep, Megan offers her help, so he tells her where they are -- Jaguars are beautiful, but unreliable and you basically need another car if you actually want to get anywhere, so the Jag is like your gorgeous mistress. Megan asks if that makes the wife a Buick in the garage before wondering if being sold as a mistress makes the car seem immoral, but Don -- probably having covered this ground many times already -- tells her the word "mistress" won't be in the ad. Shockingly, despite this disclaimer Megan the Buick has not much to contribute, so she clicks on Carson for Don and heads into the living room to learn her lines. And if the overt discussion of the ad angle isn't icky enough for you...'s Pete, having shown up early to tell Joan he could use her help with some "bad news" and it's a good thing he had a whole train ride to rehearse being quite this disingenuous. He says that Gross Pig (casually referring to him as a "handsome guy" and ew) isn't prepared to back them and when Joan asks why, feigns discomfort before informing her that they're going to lose Jaguar unless "an arrangement" is made that involves her. Joan, god love her, exhibits no surprise as she reaches for a cigarette and flatly asks how that came up and Pete continues his cock-and-bull retelling of the story and says he could really use her help figuring out a way to break the news to the company. Joan spits that Pete is unbelievable and that she's married and Pete, if this is the result of your rehearsals maybe you should work with Megan on how to seem more authentic. Now aware that indirection isn't going to get the job done, Pete goes head-on and tells Joan that they're not talking about prostitution as she labels it, but "business at a very high level," even comparing what he's asking to what Cleopatra did for Egypt. "She was a queen. What would it take to make you a queen?" The problem, Pete, is that she already is. You're actually talking about taking that away from her. Joan tells him she doesn't think he could afford her price, showing that vagueness in phrasing is your enemy in situations like this. So Pete gets up and starts to head out before turning and positively dripping insincerity as he tells her what he proposed was an act of desperation and he hopes he hasn't insulted her. "That's all that matters to me." The fact that he did this makes my blood boil, but it's the fact that he'd do it again in a second that makes me lose hope.

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