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Don comes home to find Megan, who obviously didn't get the part and no word on whether it was her ass that was lacking but it's a hard thought to dismiss. He sits with her and strokes her hair as she asks how the Jaguar presentation went and he tells her they're waiting to hear. Megan says she bets he was great and you can practically see the fishing line she's cast, but Don takes the bait as he replies he's sure she was great too. Because this gives her the opportunity to snarl that the difference is, she wants him to get it and if she has to choose between him and work, she'll choose him, but will hate him for it. There's no orange sherbet this time, but this is the second time she's explicitly made this point; he'd do well to listen. On the other hand, their relationship is getting awfully textual even granting that she speaks her mind more than most and I'm still thrown by how she complained about being diminished and since then has picked a fight in literally almost every episode. Don tells her he doesn't want her to fail, but she warns him he'd better mean it: "Good. Because I'm not going to." She cuddles up with him and in this brutal episode I can hardly blame either of them.

Don comes in the next morning and Dawn (actual Dawn, not just-out-of-sight-Dawn) informs him Peggy would like to see him. He calls for her and she warily steps out into the hall, but before anything else can happen, Roger and Ken come running out with news that agencies are starting to get rejections from Jaguar. You'll remember that there were only five or so in the running, so two others being eliminated is significant, but of course what really matters is that the phone rings and as the men look paralyzed for a moment, Peggy realizes this is not the time and heads back to her work. Roger barks at Don and Ken to get the partners into his office and then Carol picks up...

...and Roger waits to answer until the missing partners file in -- Lane and Pete, the latter of whom steps aside... for Joan. She and Don exchange a look that neither of them fully understands, but it's lost when Roger gets the news -- they got it. Even Joan manages a positive reaction, as well she might knowing that her investment, so to speak, will be paying off, but Don looks like he might actually vomit and not just because he's figuring out that the pitch they made was probably irrelevant. After telling the Jaguar guy that they'll be over that afternoon, Roger snaps Don out of his nauseated reverie with an embrace, while Joan and Lane share one that's a bit more fraught, but she does look grateful for his advice. If you assume she would have gone through with it for the fifty grand, it certainly looks like he helped her get a better deal, but if the better deal was actually the deciding factor, I'm pushing ahead of Don in the barf line. Reminding us of his ulterior motive, Lane squawks a bit more about the nonexistent bonuses before Pete requests a list of names that will be working on the account and then turns to Joan, Woman Of The Hour, and asks -- after Bertram opens the door so they can hear the celebration that's already begun -- if they should "address the men." Joan, her walk as sultry as ever, steps forward meeting Don's eyes once again and then they all file out... save Lane, who pours himself a drink as he contemplates how much up shit's creek he still is. Also, how horrible is it that this is what it took for a woman to become a partner at an ad agency? Between this and the way Dawn got her job, SCDP is going to have the most unearned reputation for progressiveness on all of Madison Avenue.

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