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Betty rings Sarah Beth, who we can see right away is not completely psyched to talk to her, to tell her that she thinks she may need to put Sally in private school and ask her about the one her daughter attends. After a short response, Betty says she hasn't seen Sarah Beth at the stables, but she did read in the paper that Tara and Arthur are getting married the next weekend, and she hopes they'll be happy together. It's hard to tell if Betty's just engaging in idle gossip here or if she's doing something more nefarious -- it seems from her tone like the former, but it's hard to forget how deliberately she set Sarah Beth and Arthur up, so I have to go with her playing a rather cruel game here in order to act out her resentment over Don's infidelities. In any case, her words cut Sarah Beth to the bone, and she cracks, telling Betty in a whisper that she can't stop thinking about Arthur, and she thinks Raymond, her husband, knows. She confesses that she made a terrible mistake, and Betty asks why she'd do that. Sarah Beth is startled, and points out that Betty wanted him too, but Betty loftily tells her, "There is a difference between wanting and having." She's right -- like right now, I want a glass of wine. But I will not be having a glass of wine until I take a break and go pour it for myself. Speaking of which, excuse me for a moment. Anyway, Sarah Beth tells Betty that she did everything she could to encourage her, and she's an awful woman. Betty stands up and puts a righteous hand on a faithful hip as she practically yells that no one made Sarah Beth sleep with Arthur. Sarah Beth hangs up, and I hope Betty doesn't actually put Sally in that school, because that would make for some seriously awkward PTA meetings.

Peggy returns to her office, in which a serviceman has just finished up with the machine. Speaking the language of the over-invested, he tells her to inform all her "little friends" that it's a delicate instrument. "If you want it to work, you have to treat it with respect." If only more bosses applied that philosophy to people. For her part, Peggy looks like she wants to treat the guy like a Popsicle.

Cut to her sitting outside Roger's office when he emerges. He so does not want to make time for her, but she plows through her nervousness and tells him she brought in the Popsicle account, by herself, and she needs her own office -- Freddy's, as it happens, has been vacant for some time, and she'd like it. Roger seems to appreciate both her pluck and her getting to the point, and grants her request immediately, taking her aback. He says that "you young women" are aggressive these days, and Peggy hopes she wasn't impolite. Roger: "No! It was cute. There are thirty men out there who didn't have the balls to ask me." I'd laugh, except here come Joan and Greg, so the fun is officially over. Ugh. Introductions are made, and Peggy quickly heads off to take the measurements of her new space as Roger tells them about his dinner reservations. Greg offers that they have plans as well, but when Roger hears where they're going, he tells Joan he thought she hated French food. Joan, just a little too quickly, says there's a new chef, and the look on Greg's face suggests the familiarity between the two isn't lost on him. Roger heads out, and Joan leads Greg over so she can get her purse, but he asks her to fix him a drink. She isn't sure about that, but he says he's seen movies, and that's what ad guys do all day. "Pretend like I'm your boss. Donald Draper." Joan accedes to his request, and heads to Don's bar as Greg follows her in and closes the door. He heads over and puts his arms around her, but when she turns, he notes that Roger knows an awful lot about her. Joan gives nothing away, merely saying she's been working there for nine years, and asks him to stop with the advances, as it isn't her office. From here, things happen very quickly, and it's hard to know how much detail to give because it's obviously extremely upsetting, but here goes: Greg thrusts her roughly against the bar, and then takes her by the forearms and pushes her to the floor. She firmly tells him this isn't fun, but he breathes, "This is what you want, right?" She tells him "stop" and "Greg, no!", and the authority we're used to seeing from her has now been replaced by genuine fear, but he continues, managing to keep her pinned as he undoes enough clothing to achieve his goal, and then, in some ways most horrible of all, he puts a hand on her face and shoves it to the side so he doesn't have to see it. She stares uncomprehendingly, like she's in a nightmare from which she can't awake, and it's just awful to watch...

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