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Don's lying on the couch when Anna drops a shopping bag onto his stomach, saying she bought him some clothes. Honey, you're teaching piano for a living, and he's about to have, as Roger would put it, a lifetime's supply of marmalade. Now's not the time to be worried about evening out the charity. She walks out...

...and then we fade to a flashback, with a Christmas tree appearing in the room. Anna comes back out with a big smile and some eggnog for the two of them, and then Don, with a smile more genuine than I remember seeing from him, presents her with a gift-wrapped box. She declines to open it until the next morning, so either it's Christmas Eve or she grew up as a British servant, and then he tells her there's something else -- he met a girl. Anna jokes, "Another one," so apparently you can't explain Don's rampant infidelity as a game of catch-up. He smiles broadly as he says the girl is so beautiful and happy, and is an educated model from a good family. Anna's thrilled, and Don tells her she's named Elizabeth -- Betty. He gushes that he wants Anna to meet her, and when Anna laughs that he's "in the lavender haze," he shyly tells her he likes the way Betty laughs, and the way she looks at him. This entire scene could just break your heart, because it seems like Betty and Don really were happy for a time, and that the presentation Don gave in "The Wheel" really did come from a sincere place. Don tells Anna that he wants to ask Betty to marry him, which means he needs Anna to grant him a divorce. Anna smiles and agrees, saying she never thought of that, and Don tells her she should hire a lawyer there, and he'll pay for it, and he's also willing to take care of her forever. Anna says he doesn't have to do that, but he disagrees, thinking that he owes everything to her and the real Don. Anna changes the subject, and says that having a family will be good for Don. She sighs that it will probably be their last Christmas together, and Don asks why. "You could be my cousin!" That's a remake of Secrets And Lies just waiting to happen. Anna takes his hand and tells him it's a chance at a whole new life for him, and he kisses her affectionately on the cheek and thanks her...

...and then he's back in the present. He stirs from his nap and grabs the shopping bag...

...while at SC, the Popsicle guys are asking where Don is. Ken says he's sure they remember Peggy, and she'll be walking them through. They look skeptical, and Ken's reaction is to tell them that Don's sick but has signed off on all of this. If it were anyone but Peggy, she might have thrown a "Thanks for the vote of confidence, jerk" look Ken's way. But she's beyond such insecurities now as she smiles and tells them how when she was little, her mother would break a Twin Pop and give half to her and half to her sister, and they were completely equal in her eyes. "Beloved." She goes on that everyone does this, but they don't realize why, and it has nothing to do with ice cream. "It's a ritual. You take it, break it, share it, and love it." She reveals the artwork, which shows a mother holding a hand with a Popsicle out to each of her two children, and has the tagline she just spoke on the bottom. Peggy says that it shows what a Popsicle is all about, and it's just as good in winter as in summer, and from the freezer as from the truck. "You can still take it, break it, share it, and love it." The guy who's being paid speaking rates says he likes how the mother is handing out the pops, but she reminds him of someone. We can see that she's got Peggy's exact hairdo, and for the first time, Peggy doesn't sound totally relaxed as she too-casually replies, "No, this is original," which Ken follows with a hilariously wary look the guy's way. Hee. The guy tells her that they were looking for a slogan with the word "love" in it, and Peggy smiles like, "Copy machine or no, this is why we have the meetings in my office, bitches."

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