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...and then the song kicks back up as in the present, Anna opens her front door and warmly embraces him. When she invites him in, we see that the music is coming from a young boy plinking away on the piano. When he's done, Don applauds, and then Anna introduces "Teddy" and "Dick." Teddy tells Don the title of the song, and Don replies, "It's scary." Teddy grins and says he knows, but before we have time to wonder whether this kid is meeting his dad for the first time, we learn that Anna is merely his piano teacher, as she sends him on his way with a lollipop. Oh, Anna -- haven't you heard? It's all about Popsicles these days! When Teddy's gone, Anna smiles broadly at Don and notes he's tan, and asks if he's there on vacation. He shows an easy familiarity I'm not sure we've ever seen from him before as he takes a seat next to her on the piano bench and tells her he's actually out on business. Of course, that's debatable, but I suppose the fact that he's not outright lying says something about this woman as well. Anna asks if he's just staying the day, and he confesses he didn't even think about it before endearingly asking if he can take a shower and lie down. She tells him he can, of course, and rubs his back affectionately. The fact that he receives it, that he's willing not to dominate this person, is truly noteworthy. Of course, California is known for chilling people out.

Pete arrives home in a right state, and even denies his wife a kiss in favor of telling her that they're not going to the adoption agency, no way, no how. She points out that he's shouting, but he refuses to change his tone, angrily biting off each word: "We are not. Adopting. A child! That's final." She again tries to get him to calm down, but after he starts yelling for real, she responds in kind, shouting that he can't speak to her that way. Pete's response is to take the chicken off the dinner table and hurl it off the balcony, platter and all. Well, his stance on adoption may not make him look like much of a humanitarian, but at least he's feeding the homeless. Trudy yells that he's lost his mind and stomps off, as Pete pours himself a much-needed drink. I wonder how many neighbors of theirs have moved at this point.

The TV's "Million Dollar Movie" this evening is The Day The Earth Stood Still, and oh, God, I forgot about this scene, which is a precursor to the awful upcoming one. Joan and her fiancé Greg are in bed fooling around, and when he mentions that he's tired, she gets on top of him and offers, "Let me do the driving." He can't deal with her sexuality, though, calling her off, and then, like so many stealth assholes, compounds the problem by making it about her: "Where'd you pick that up?" This is apparently not the first such conversation they've had, as she wearily tells him to stop that. "You know there is no before." He continues to be a dick: "I'm sorry that I don't know all the things you want." Joan assures him that he does, but he uses the excuse about being on call again soon to turn away from her. Joan sadly focuses her attention on the TV and wonders how the honeymoon can be over before the wedding has even occurred.

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