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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em! Don arrives at his destination, a rather nondescript one-story house on a residential street. He knocks...

...and then we're in a flashback, as he opens the door to his ostensible apartment back when he was a used-car salesman, which is a tiny little hole in the wall. I'm guessing his skills of persuasion were refined over the years. The woman from the flashback five episodes ago is behind him (finally!) and she warns him that she left a letter on her bureau at home, and if she's not back in two days, the police will come after him. Don's puzzled as to why she would have done that, so she clarifies that she doesn't want him to hurt her. Don tries to lie his way out of the predicament, feigning a lack of knowledge of what she's talking about, but that's another skill of his that wasn't nearly as good back then, and she sees right through him, stepping forward and saying she's Don's wife, and she just wants to know what happened to him. "Stop lying. You've been caught. Don't make me do something I don't want to do." A sentiment a certain person in this episode sadly will ignore. Don confesses that the real Don died, and after expressing his condolences, helps Anna (we'll learn that's her name soon enough) into a chair and pours her a drink. He then tells her that Don never told him he had a wife, and Anna looks slightly hurt as she says it's been seven years. Don sits and tells Anna the real Don was killed in combat, and says the Army mistook their identities. "I didn't think I was hurting anyone." He doesn't mention that the Army made that mistake because he switched the dog tags, but I suppose I can't blame him for proceeding gingerly through this conversation. Anna says she can't believe it, and Don anxiously asks what she's going to do to him. Anna still can't grasp that her husband never mentioned her, and Don tries to say he didn't know him long, but the statement obviously sounds weak even to him. He tells her he's making good money, which I can only conclude from looking at the surroundings he's saving just about all of, but off her look, goes on that he realizes he owes her more than that. He offers her Don's Purple Heart and his dog tags, and Anna responds, "He wanted to marry my sister. She looks just like me with two good legs." I think even now Don wouldn't know what to say to that, so this younger version doesn't stand a chance of coming up with a reply. But speaking of her looks, her physical similarity to Betty, particularly the hair, is interesting, no? After getting his real name, she asks what she should do with him, but Don merely sits wide-eyed and awaits judgment...

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Mad Men




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