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Don disembarks from a bus at San Pedro, pauses to look around in a picturesque manner, and heads on his way.

At SC, Ken, Sal and Peggy are apparently working on a new account, as Ken complains that no one wants a Popsicle in the winter and then bitches that it's too noisy in Peggy's office (you'll remember her officemate is named Xerox) to think. At least he didn't blame his lack of productivity on the newfound gayness around there. Speaking of which, Peggy's still sporting her new hairdo, and it and she counter that they called the meeting, the implication being that it's her right to host. Sal asks where, then, the refreshments are, and Peggy puts on an accommodating smile and pulls out a bottle of something and pours them drinks. Given how she's transforming into Don before our very eyes, I wonder if she's developed a taste for rye. Sal and Peggy fondly recall how their mothers used to break the Popsicles in half when they were kids, and Ken offers that in Vermont, they made their own ice cream. "It was a pain in the ass." But so much more satisfying than, say, making your own haggis. After handing the boys their drinks, Peggy gets eerily distant, just like Don when he's at his most creative, as she opines that you can break Popsicles in half all year round, and the ritual is the thing, just like Communion. She thinks the whole idea is evocative of good Christian behavior. "Let me tell you something -- the Catholic church knows how to sell things." Well, except for youth dances, but I see her point.

Pete checks in with Hildy, who eagerly tells him that he has an appointment with "Spence Chapin" on Thursday. Pete's confused, so Hildy happily clarifies that it's "the adoption agency," and sincerely wishes him good luck. Pete looks around warily before putting on the most fake, uncomfortable, and half-hearted smile you've ever seen. I think looking at it for too long might actually cause your soul to flee your body. Hildy, spectacularly failing to read the room, tells him that giving an abandoned child a home is such a "blessed" thing, and asks if he'd like her to get Trudy on the line. Pete declines that offer before running off to ring Roger for the name of his divorce lawyer.

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