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...which leads to a cross-fade into Peggy standing in front of her new office window. There's a knock on the door, and Pete comes in, affably noting that she's celebrating as he sees the drink in her hand. Unlike the other boys, he seems genuinely happy for her, although when he learns she's getting a secretary, he opines, "She's in for it." I don't think he's completely wrong. He asks how the hell she swung the whole deal, and Peggy replies, "I'm sleeping with Don! It's really working out." Heh. Pete laughs, as if that's not his deepest desire, and then soberly tells her that Clearasil is almost surely pulling out. Peggy wonders why, and disagrees with Pete's assessment that he's not doing his job, although he's of course referring to his marriage. Pete, only mildly bitterly, says that Don will dance on his grave if he ever comes back, and Peggy takes the opportunity to ask if something happened in Los Angeles. Pete tells Peggy about Don's mysterious disappearance, and says he almost called the police. Peggy wonders why he didn't, but Pete says in the end, it didn't exactly surprise him, as he knows some things about his past. Peggy of course doesn't want to engage in that kind of gossip when it comes to Don, so Pete settles for opining that he may not be coming back. "He's done it before." Peggy's response: "Whatever Don does or doesn't do, I am sure it's with good reason." Their positions made plain, Pete says he should probably go home, and congratulates Peggy once more before taking off. Peggy sits and sips her drink, wondering if she really is the new Don...

...especially now that Don is engaging in a baptism of sorts, walking into the ocean as if to wash the last vestiges of Don Draper off himself. George Jones's "Cup Of Loneliness" fittingly kicks up (I see Christian pilgrims so redeemed from sin/Called out of darkness a new life to begin), and I can't believe there is just one episode left in this amazing, wonderful season. See you for the finale!

John Ramos is a writer and producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at

Peggy's playing with the big boys now, but how easy did women really have it back in the Mad Men era? Our vloggers discuss.

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