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Although Bertram hesitates, the board members vote unanimously to sell, and Bertram says their lawyer will prepare a counteroffer before officially adjourning the meeting. Sterling and Cooper shake hands, and then Roger looks at Alice as he snarks, "Look who just got richer." Alice tells him it's good for him too -- he's got children to think of. Roger corrects her that he's just got the one, but Alice, obviously referring to Jane, counters, "Really!" HA HA HA! That is my favorite single word of the entire season. Everyone leaves, and we pulls back to make Bertram appear smaller and smaller. I don't always catch the subtle meaning imparted by the camerawork, but this one isn't exactly hard to figure.

Peggy's carrying her things into her new office as she says hello to Joan, who responds rather listlessly, and she's even wearing a drab green dress in contrast to the bright red or blue she usually favors. Poor thing. Peggy asks if she's heard from Don, and upon receiving a negative, asks if Joan thinks it's odd. Joan recovers a tiny bit of herself: "I don't think about it at all." Peggy starts to head into her office, but Joan calls after her and offers congratulations. Peggy thanks her, and gushes about how good-looking Greg is. Joan in turn thanks her, and makes excuses for him to try to make sense of the whole thing: "He's specializing in thoracic surgery. It's very difficult. And he volunteers at Harlem Hospital Center, stitching up Negro children." Peggy says he's a keeper, and asks when the wedding is, but Joan's spared from having to answer when Harry and Ken appear with Paul in tow, who made it back from Mississippi alive but girlfriendless, as Sheila dropped him three days into the trip. Aw. Paul's a douche, but that still seems a little harsh. Paul and Harry are then aghast to learn that Peggy now has her own office. Paul: "Why don't you just put on Draper's pants while you're at it?" The things you say in jest, Paul. Peggy shrugs off their impotent whining with her usual equanimity, and then Ken asks if anyone's heard from Don. Joan: "Yes, he called. He wants you to get back to work." Nice. Girl's still got it, even if her heart is broken. Ken calls in to Peggy that he'd get a new couch if he were her, and she calls from inside, "Thank you!" Hee. Paul sticks around a bit longer so he can be the poutiest of them all, and then Peggy comes back out and asks Joan if she knows who to talk to about getting her name put on the door. It's adorable to see her so excited about this, but it's tempered by Joan's brave face, as she says she'll have it taken care of, and then answers Peggy's question from earlier: "Christmas. I'm getting married at Christmas." It's interesting that it was Christmas when Don told Anna about his intention to marry Betty; I'd take this as a bad sign for Joan's marriage to Greg if it weren't for, you know, the other thing. Peggy tells her that's wonderful, and then heads back into her new space as Joan contemplates her future.

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