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...and we cross-fade to later, as Greg is waiting outside Don's office when Joan emerges. He says he doesn't want to miss their reservation, and she defeatedly replies, "No. Of course not." This is where the outrage gives way to sadness, because Joan, who knows everything about the office and the men therein, who never met a situation she couldn't handle, is going to go home with him and pretend like nothing's wrong because she doesn't know what else to do. I mean, this is going to be the father of her child (if she's actually pregnant -- there hasn't been any indication other than the mention of "cravings" and her lying down in the office that one time, and even though I could see her not wanting to announce it to the office yet, I'm starting to wonder). I really wish she would tell Roger, though -- then Greg would have something to feel insecure about. They walk out, but she leaves the flowers she came in with on the desk.

The next day, it's time for the big vote, and when Alice arrives, Bertram calls the meeting to order. After his opening proclamation, Alice asks where Don is, and Roger replies, "Do you want me to go get a picture of him so you can stare at it?" I can only speak for myself, but would you mind? Bertram says Don's twelve percent couldn't affect the proceedings anyway, but Alice says she'd still like to know what he thinks. "He's very savvy." Bertram finally asks where Don is, anyway, so Roger confesses that Don's taking some time off because of marital troubles, before snapping at the minutes-taker, "Don't write that down." Heh. Roger adds that Don stands to make over half a million dollars, which puts the merger price north of four million dollars in 1962, so you can hardly blame Roger when his next suggestion is that they get the hell on with it.

Don's walking with a bag of groceries when he hears an engine revving up the street. Intrigued, he approaches, and sees a kid sitting behind the wheel of a car with the hood open as Brian Krause, Leo from Charmed, works on the engine. He already seems more useful than he was on the entire run of that show. Don admires how he's souped up the "'34 Sedan," and says he used to sell that make, used. This isn't the only car Leo, or "Kess" as he introduces himself, has being worked on here, and Don wonders if he might be able to help him out in a sales capacity. They're not sure if that's for them, but when he tells Kess's friend "Walt" that he'd love to see him race, they seem psyched for him to come. He takes his leave, but not before admiringly running a hand over one of the cars. If he made good money as a greenhorn, I bet he'd be able to put half of Southern California in one of his cars now.

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