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The Dark Side Of The Closet
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In the very empty-seeming lobby, Pete gets on the elevator, and Hollis gives him a friendly nod. The doors start to close, but Peggy's voice calls to them to hold the door; she enters wearing a clashing lilac blouse, aquamarine skirt, and dull-brown newsboy-type thing on her head. Hon, I know you're a go-getter these days, but take an extra few minutes in the morning to look at yourself in the mirror while you're getting dressed. It'll help you more than you think. Pete asks Peggy what Draper is up to that's causing her to get in so early, but Peggy tells him she came in because she couldn't sleep for nerves. A bit of exposition that the service elevator is out allows a bespectacled janitor type to join them, and then Pete tells Peggy he's moving that day, and he's supposed to go by at lunch and supervise the men. That does seem like the only possible role for him, since with his build, lifting even a large ottoman looks like it would be a strain. At Pete's query, Peggy tells him that Freddy is presenting her copy to the Bel Jolie people that day; exposition that it's 7:00 AM is followed by the elevator finally getting to their floor.

Sometime presumably soon after, Pete is sitting and staring morosely out his window (it should be noted that the absence of his doing any work suggests that he came in early just to avoid his wife) when Peggy tentatively enters and asks if he'd like coffee; swiveling around, he orders her into the office and tells her to close the door. When she points out that there's no one there, he softly repeats, "Close the door," and she obeys. He approaches her, and the look of hopeful anticipation breaks through despite her attempt to cover. He stands close and asks her if she knows how difficult it is for him to see her walk around the office all day, and her look of anticipation gives way to a bald hunger; they make out until he breaks the lip lock and pulls her head back by the hair, an assertion of dominance she's pretty clearly into. Pete gets her on the couch and pulls it in front of the door, and they are soon completely doing it, with Peggy ordering Pete just to pull her skirt up, and him following by ripping the collar of her blouse. We then cut to the janitor from the elevator completely seeing them through the window of Pete's office and giving a derisive snort. I sympathize, dude -- that's not a sight you need to see before you even have coffee. Regardless, for a sex scene between a man-boy and Mouse Ears, that was pretty hot. Also, great work from Moss and Kartheiser both.

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