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"I Love You, Ken… I Mean, 'Kitty'!"
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A pair of feet circles a car on a shiny showroom floor, and we pan up to see Don checking out the new luxury offering. A British accent cuts into his thoughts: "Afraid you'll fall in love?" Well, let him get a look at you first. No, the salesman is of course referring to the car, and tells Don he has good taste to be drawn to the 1962 Coupe de Ville. "It does everything but make breakfast." The guy slags off Don's Dodge and then hits on him for real ("Someone like you, you don't need to see yourself in a Cadillac; you're walking about in one every day") and tells him he'd be as comfortable in one of the cars as he is in his own skin. Might want to retool the pitch a little bit in Don's case. They exchange business cards, and the salesman recognizes the company name and asks if Roger sent him, and upon hearing an affirmative, goes to get the keys. Once alone again, Don sees a guy checking out another of the showroom's models, and we cross-fade into...

...a used-car dealership. Don, hair a bit less heavily slicked than he wears it in the show's present day, pitches a used car to a college-aged boy and his father. A blonde woman enters and looks pointedly at Don, so he hands the keys over to the boy and sends him off to sit in the car again and have a chat with his dad. The woman asks if he's Don Draper, and he affirms that, but when he starts to say he's sure he can find her a car, she tells him that's not why she's there, and that he's a hard man to find. He freezes a little behind his eyes, and when she goes on, "You're not Don Draper," his smile fades. The British salesman's voice cuts in...

...and then we're back in the showroom, where he goes on, "Let me take you for a ride." Dude, don't bogart all the gay innuendo -- Sal's got a storyline coming up. Don's flashback, however, has soured his enthusiasm, and he leaves in a hurry. The salesman doesn't say, "You'll be back," but he's surely thinking it.

Jane's typing away when Roger shows up and greets her warmly. After learning that Don's not in but will be back, he references her rather form-fitting sweater in saying, "Where'd you get that? I want to make sure my daughter never buys it." A "how the heck do I answer this" sentiment clearly plays over Jane's face for a moment, but she recovers admirably: "Klein's. I doubt your daughter shops there." He tries to segue into asking where she lives, but she tells him, not for the first time, that he can just look at her file. She's then rescued by the return of her boss, and Roger asks her to get Duck in there as well. And I don't want to condone sexual harassment at all, but as Jane stands up I have to admit that Roger has a point, much like each of Jane's breasts, which look like they could take your eyes out if you're not careful during foreplay. As Roger heads into Don's office, Jane tells Don that Bobbie called "again," but didn't leave a message. She then goes to get Duck...

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