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, referencing their child, somewhat plaintively replies, "Your decisions affect me." God, Pete, do you want to work at the same company as she does or not? Because you could probably get either eventuality here if you'd get your head out of your progressive ass.

We get a closeup of a birth certificate form that reads "Eugene Scott Draper," and then we see Betty's smiling face. Yup, lots of equivocation on the name, Don.

Pete enters Bertram's office, and Roger snits, "If it isn't Martin Luther King." After the thought of Pete giving the "I Have A Dream" speech makes me giggle for a while, Bertram informs Pete that Admiral has no interest in becoming a "colored" television company (note his more dated lingo, and also, thanks for bringing us up to speed, Bertram). Pete sighs that he doesn't understand why a company would pass up the opportunity to make more money, but Bertram, getting more heated, barks that it's a sensitive issue. "Companies hate that!" After Roger yells some more about the "hand jobs" he's going to have to give to fix this, Pryce, who's been sitting silently the whole time, asks idly if they're "done with the flogging," and Roger petulantly mutters, "It's never as good as you think it's gonna be." Just wait until the hand jobs. Pryce, however, then obliquely takes up for Pete by way of following Don's advice from earlier regarding Bertram and Roger, saying that while Admiral isn't a possibility, perhaps there is money to be made in the Negro markets. "I'm a stranger in a strange land, but I can tell you: There's definitely something going on." If someone with his vision can see the coming upheaval, maybe it's time to acknowledge there's something happening here, even if what it is ain't exactly clear.

Don, Betty, and the baby arrive home, and Sally, Bobby, and FRANCINE! YES! are there to greet them, with Sally significantly giving Betty some flowers and a big hug and telling her how much she missed her. (By the way, somewhere in here was a shot of the family visiting Betty at the hospital and her waving happily at them from a second-story window, but my cable did something weird so I don't know where exactly it occurred. Sorry about that.) When they're all seated, Francine asks Betty how it was, and Betty gets a "Girl, please" look on her face before responding, "You know. It was all a fog." Francine opines that Betty's making a mistake not "forcing" Carla to stay, and I don't know about the forcing part but I agree Betty's going to be overwhelmed, but she says Carla's been away from her family for too long (perhaps the Medgar Evers assassination was the impetus for a familial visit) and she can manage, perhaps thinking what she does isn't so insignificant after all. Don goes to get Betty something to eat, taking the kids with him, and Betty and Francine look at the baby and smile...

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