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Well, I know you've all been waiting with bated breath to catch up on the happenings in Cos Cob, so let's open on the fact that there are currently two women getting ready to leave the Campbell home. And no, since we can see two men who are ostensibly the women's husbands in the background, this hasn't been That Kind Of Evening - at least not yet. However, some talk of Hair, vulgarity, and "simulated sexual acts" certainly is suggestive enough, particularly since Pete's clumsy enough to use simulated sexual acts regularly as part of his courtship rituals. While this genteel conversation is going on, an oblivious Trudy is trying to sell the two men on some block-association chairmanships or some such. They're both ready to step a few years ahead into The Ice Storm, but she keeps the conversation from getting out of hand, which is more than I can say for her husband, who essentially makes dates with each of the other women (the excuse of him having a connection for theater tickets is flimsier than, well, the tickets themselves). And they even know about the other! When everyone's gone, Trudy sighs big enough for two people at how exhausting that was, while Pete flips on the TV to catch up on the news. She asks him to turn it off, but his only response is to do the opposite via the remote control, and while that thing is bigger even than the cell phones I had in the '90s, it at least punctuates his actions with satisfyingly loud clicks.

Don's in the elevator when the door opens to reveal Rosen having a little financial discussion with his wife, and obviously, Don's face is like greeeeeat on several different levels. After he promises to stop by the bank at lunch, Rosen confides to Don that he thinks Sylvia's been sending the cash he gives her to their son. Don tells him he doesn't have to explain in a voice that practically begs him not to, but Rosen doesn't catch on as he goes on that Don's lucky Megan works. Don sighs that Megan doesn't earn much, but Rosen thinks that'll change. Don then claims to have forgotten his cigarettes, and Rosen gives him a lecture about that, but Don doesn't seem annoyed, probably because he knows he'd be in for much worse if Rosen knew that he's actually doubling back to see Sylvia. Good God, man, if that little exchange turned you on, maybe just moving into a whorehouse would make sense. It'd close a circle, at least.

Speaking of which, after Sylvia opens up and smiles that she knew it'd be him, Don fixes that middle-distance stare that lets us know he's going into a flashback; sure enough, as "I've Got Five Dollars" plays in the background, we see a blonde sitting in a room that's decorated in "Forties Bordello." When we flash back to Don's position, he's a boy of about thirteen or so (his voice has changed, at least), standing next to Abigail, who's pregnant and telling a woman who will prove to be her sister that she's pregnant, so this must be only a few months after Archie, his father, died at the hooves of that horse. The sister, "Ernestine," tells Abigail that Mack, who's just joined them (and is still played by the same actor, Morgan Rusier, that's depicted him all the way back to "Babylon," which due to late adoption by the site was the first episode of this show I ever covered), is with her and is "the one that brung ya," and as such can be thought of as Dick's uncle, and Abigail thanks him for opening his rooms to them.

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