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Roman Holiday
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At SC, people are leaving for the day, and Hildy pops her head in to find Pete reading Ebony. HA! I would love to hear what working on this set is like when the cameras aren't rolling. It must be hard to get the days in on time when you're laughing so hard. Hildy informs Pete that she's prepared all his correspondence and she has "the summaries" for him to go over. She puts them down expectantly, but he doesn't catch her drift, so she explains that it's five o'clock, and he cottons on that she wants to be given leave to, well, leave. He asks what she's up to, and she tells him that some of the girls from SC and also from Traveler's Insurance (presumably in the same building) got a place out in Saltaire (a community on Fire Island, and they're probably doing shares for the summer, which is a nice option for New Yorkers to take advantage of). Paul and Harry drop by, with Paul asking if Pete's making Hildy work because he's got nowhere to go, but Hildy brightly says no, and Pete tells her, "Have a wonderful weekend, dear." It occurs to me that, since I seem to recall that Hildy used to really kind of despise him, the friendly and non-creepy nature of this exchange underscores the fact that Pete's come a long way. And I'm sure he won't do anything to change that evaluation by the hour's end! Anyway, Hildy heads for the beach, and is soon replaced by Ken, who can't believe that Pete's still working, as Bertram's in Montana, "Sterling's in Jane" (ew, and hee), and Don's on vacation. Mention is made of the fact that Don's been traveling for Hilton, to places including "Dallas or Denver or something," and Harry longingly says he'd love to get out of town during August, even for work. Pete, however, echoes the sentiments of many natives when he says he loves the city when no one's around, although Ken disagrees, opining that there's "nothing but those fat girls with the hairy armpits putting their feet in the fountain." Thanks for stopping by, Ken. Pete stands and magnanimously says he'll take anyone for a drink who wants one, which is a lot safer thing for your wallet to declare when Roger's not within earshot.

We get a close-up of a paper that reads "Save The Reservoir!" on Junior League letterhead, and we see Betty is working on a cold-call list at the kitchen table as Don bustles around in his undershirt, which is shorthand on this show for "it's hot as balls." Well, the whirring fan and the sweat the makeup people have liberally applied to both their brows are helping create that feeling as well. Don opines that "they" should be paying her for all the work she's doing, perhaps not quite grasping the concept of a volunteer organization, but she merely mentions the upcoming hearing before adding, "I'm paid well enough already." A sentiment she may have trouble holding onto by the end of the episode. Hearing the kids outside, Don asks what they're doing, and Betty tells him they're catching lightning bugs. With a small smile, she suggests he join them, and after giving her an answering wry smile of his own, he goes to do just that. These two are in pretty great moods for people without air conditioning.

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