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A Lucky Strike

Inside, Roger tells Don, "You look like a hundred bucks." Hee. That one never gets old for me. Now that we've got most of the major players here, I suppose I should give a rundown of what everyone does. Skip this if you want to find out organically. Roger's last name is Sterling, and he is a co-owner of the advertising company, which is called Sterling Cooper. Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse) is Roger's partner, whom we haven't met yet. Don is the creative head, Pete is an account exec, Harry is a media buyer, Ken is an accounts underling, and Paul is a copywriter/creative underling. Salvatore (Bryan Batt) heads the art department, and Joan is the office manager and liaison between the men and the girls. Anyone else that shows up, I'll cover as it happens. So, Roger asks Don if he had a long night because of the cigarette campaign, and Don admits it was on his mind. Roger says he hopes so, as "Lee Garner," his dad, and the whole Lucky Strike family will be there at four. Don grabs one of several extra shirts (all white, you'll notice; colors were for fags back then) out of one of his desk drawers as he asks if Roger is worried, but Roger parries by saying that if he were, he'd ask Don what he had, but he's not going to do that, which means Don should be worried, because he'd better have something. For two straight guys in a business relationship, this sounds a lot like the conversational equivalent of a mating dance. Don turns his attention to treating his apparently raging hangover, and Roger turns to go, but then asks, "How do I put this. Have we ever hired any Jews?" So the answer to your first question is "tactlessly," then. Don half-jokes (See? SEE?), "Not on my watch," but Roger says they have an 11:00 with "Menken's Department Store," and he wouldn't mind having someone there to make "them" feel comfortable. Don: "You want me to run down to the deli, grab somebody?" Heh. Roger counters that Don missed a button, and leaves.

We get a close-up of some Alka-Seltzer plop-plopping and fizz-fizzing in a glass, and if this product existed back then, I can't believe Joan didn't tell Peggy to add it to her shopping list. Don appears deep in thought, but then rouses himself and opens a desk drawer. He reaches for one of those two-handed elastic metal weights that were so popular back in the day, but in the process manages to drop a small case, which he opens to reveal that it contains a Purple Heart medal. When he closes it again, we see that the case is inscribed "Lt. Donald Francis Draper." He regards it for a moment, and then puts it back, heads to the window, and stretches the bands out a couple of times before Salvatore comes barging in with a "Look at you, Gidget. Still trying to fill out that bikini?" Heh. Don jokes that summer is coming, but Sal gets to business, taking out a poster and saying that without the medical claims, all they have is a white drawing with a red spot on it. Well, we also have a drawing of a buff shirtless guy lying in a hammock, whom Sal says is his neighbor and posed for him. I'm not sure it's called "posing" when viewed through binoculars, but I'm not in the industry. Don thinks a little sex appeal would be nice, so he suggests an attractive woman in with the guy, and Sal is all over that a little too approvingly before asking if Don is going to Pete's bachelor party. Don says it's not his thing, and we get a little more Overcompensation Theater before Sal goes to pour himself a drink. At what's presumably around ten in the morning. Again, it's best that you learn these things early so you know what to expect.

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