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A Lucky Strike

...but at another door, it's a drunken Pete knocking. Even the exterior doesn't seem nearly nice enough to be his fiancée's place, so it makes more sense when we find out that it's Peggy's apartment, as her roommate answers the door. When Pete asks for Peggy, the roommate goes to get her, and Pete tries to keep from teetering over. It seems a little odd that Pete had the wherewithal to track Peggy down, but all he really would have needed to get her address from Information back in those days was her full name, and I can believe that she told it to him in the off-screen conversation they must have had when Pete first showed up at Don's office. "Marjorie" is wary of the fact that Pete smells like the Bowery, but Peggy tells her it's okay and steps out into the hall and closes the door. Peggy's very much into this, perhaps surprisingly, but that eleven bucks a month has to start going to use sometime. Pete says he's getting married on Sunday, and supposes that Peggy must think he's a creep. You'd think so, wouldn't you? She asks why he's there, probably already knowing the answer but enjoying this part of the dance, and he steps forward and breathes that he wanted to see her tonight. Of course, that's probably the gin talking. Or the vodka, tequila, or whiskey. She asks, "Me?" prompting him to state that he had to see her. We switch to a longer shot as Peggy, never taking her eyes from Pete, opens the door and calls to Marjorie that she's going to bed. But not alone, as she leads Pete inside. That may be a little unexpected, but I'm more thrown by the fact that Pete made it all the way up the stairs without falling and breaking his neck.

Don's on a commuter train, and we cut to him getting off at Ossining. Are we to meant to infer anything about how Don views his home life from the fact that he lives in a town that's home to one of the most notorious prisons in the country? Do I really need to ask these questions? Anyway, it's pouring rain as Don rushes to his car. Sometime later, he pulls up to his house, and oddly dissonant jazzy music is playing as he heads inside and wipes his feet. Anyway, the music fades...

...and we cut the bedroom, as Betty (January Jones) sleepily clicks on a bedside lamp and says she called the office, and they told her he'd left. Yes, Don is married, and he leans in for a kiss as Betty goes on that she assumed he was staying in the city "again," but she smiles as she says she left a plate in the oven for him. They kiss a little, but then Don says he'll be right back...

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