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A Lucky Strike

Anyway, Lee Sr. is very much not having any of this, and his party is just about out the door when Lee Jr. remarks that at least everyone else has this problem too. Ah, Lee Jr., you may think you have this problem, but the camera-push and the soft musical flourish of Here's Where Don Earns The Title Of Best Ad Man In New York have other ideas. Don asks them to wait, stands, and rehashes the fact that the FTC and Reader's Digest have made it so any ad linking cigarettes and health will make people think of cancer. This, he tells them, changes the advertising landscape -- his point is that not being allowed to make health claims actually frees them to say just about anything they want. He asks how they make their cigarettes, and when Lee Sr. gives an outline of the steps involved, Don stops him at the one where they toast their tobacco. He writes "It's toasted" on the blackboard. Lee Jr. protests that everyone else's tobacco is toasted as well, but Don leads them along, saying that everyone else's is poisonous. He explains that the success of advertising comes from selling happiness, and happiness is "the smell of a new car. It's freedom from fear. It's a billboard on the side of the road that screams with reassurance that whatever you're doing, it's okay. You are okay." If your eyes are starting to glaze over, it's a testament to the hypnotic power of his words. At least, I hope that's what it is. Pete looks discomfited as Lee Sr. voices his approval...

...and then it's drinks time, and close to five o'clock to boot! It's just Roger and Don in Don's office, and Roger admits that Don had him worried, while Don in turn admits that he pulled his idea out of thin air. And here I thought that hemming and hawing was just for dramatic effect. Roger turns the subject to the upcoming Presidential election -- apparently, they've been approached about helping the Nixon campaign. Before they can really get into it, though, Peggy buzzes (and Don addresses her as "honey," just for the record), and in a moment, Ken, Paul, and Harry enter in a festive mood, trailed by Pete, who smiles that he told them how amazing Don was. The stench of Eau De Peon is too much for Roger, who starts to head out, but he braves the odor long enough to linger and ask Don if he might possibly be able to patch things up with Rachel, adding that she's worth three million bucks. Don calls him a whore, and Roger salutes in response. Heh. Don starts to suggest that the boys clear out of there, but they try to get him to join them in the bachelor-party revelry. Don's unmoved, though, so the boys file out, but Pete stops to leave a Slipper Room card on his desk, leaving Don open to tell Pete that if he thought Greta's research was any good, he would have used it. Pete tries to play dumb, and you'd think he'd be better at it. Don, however, says that he had the same report, "and it's not like there's some magic machine that makes identical copies of things." Heh. Pete tries to say he still thinks Greta was right, but Peggy enters, so Don wraps things up by shaking Pete's hand and wishing him congratulations. Pete's brain: "I'll never wash that hand again."

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