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One quick thing before I start -- when Harry turned down the TV set last week, I missed a card announcing a special report on the TV. So CBS was on top of things after all, and I'm sorry for making fun of them unjustly. Especially since without them we wouldn't have How I Met Your Mother.

Okay. Wow! What an unexpectedly action-packed and fun finale, in a season that's been fairly short on both. Hold on to something -- here we go.

Don awakens, and after he fumbles with the clock that apparently didn't go off at the hour he wanted, we see that he's sleeping in Baby Gene's room. And while his plight certainly isn't funny on the merits, especially with his smoking cough having resurfaced, the polka dots on the table lamp in the room are, and wherever Grandpa Gene is now, I'm sure he agrees with me.

Cut to Don meeting Connie in a suite in the Waldorf, and Connie, not one for mincing words at the best of times, tells Don he has news -- he was at McCann Erickson the previous day and learned that effective New Year's Day, they're buying Putnam, Powell, and Lowe, which means he's going to have to move his New York properties' advertising concerns elsewhere, as SC will become part of McCann in the deal. Don, at a bit of a loss, muses that they'll all be going, but Hilton tells him that while Roger's fate is uncertain, Bertram will definitely "be put on an ice floe." And while Bertram probably wouldn't be thrilled to hear his fate, I'm sure he'd at least appreciate the metaphor. Connie tells Don that as a "prize pig," though, he'll make more money and be secure, but Don snaps that the place is a "sausage factory," and reminds us that he turned them down three years ago. Connie wearily says it's just business, but Don doesn't play that tune, icily noting that Connie just comes and goes as he pleases without regard for what it means for him, and it's not like he doesn't have a point, given all that crap Connie spouted about Don being a son to him, but it's still pretty hilarious that Don "One Way Ticket Out Of Here" Draper is taking someone to task for his commitment issues. Connie, a little stung at Don's sarcastic ridiculing of the fatherly role he played, leans forward and says he got everything he has on his own. "It's made me immune to those who complain and cry because they can't." He adds that he didn't take Don for one of them: "Are you?" Since you're out of the episode from here, Connie, I'd invite you to sit back and watch for your answer. They get to their feet and shake hands rather neutrally, and after Connie offers that some other time, they'll try again, Don agrees and heads out. So... still in the will, then?

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