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Hooker is giddily serving Pryce a cup of tea in his new office as Pryce asks him why he's got it. Hooker repeats Joan's logic about the office almost verbatim while taking credit for the inspiration, but Pryce pops his balloon right quick: "It's a harebrained idea. We just fired one-third of their workforce. It's unseemly to go through their pockets as well." He concedes that the visitor's office part is fine, but tells Hooker to sit out front. He does not add, "With the other girls," but I think we're all on the same page regardless. Hooker bitterly notes that the place is a gynocracy, and Pryce, likely thinking about Bertram's painting, mutters into his tea: "Hadn't noticed." Heh.

Don's just arrived home, and Bobby is happily lugging his suitcase as Betty tells him should he run into Carlton on the train, to confirm her story that they're busy for some unspecified event. If this means Betty's avoiding Francine, I will be, as Ed Rooney would say, soooorely disappointed. (Unless that in turn means that she's still going to be on House, in which case all will be forgiven.) Betty then informs Don that she elicited a confession from Sally about the suitcase, and after she kicks Bobby out of the room, Sally joins them and tearfully apologizes. Don says they'll take the money to fix the damage out of her allowance, and when Sally points out she doesn't get one, Don replies, "Then don't break things." Continuing to look down at the floor, Sally says she just didn't want him to leave, so he pulls her close and promises that he'll always come home. "You'll always be my girl." Well, at least he says it like he means it. He and Betty settle onto the bed as Sally busies herself unpacking the valise, and Betty smiles at him that his eyes look tired. Wait until the next kid comes along, eh? He responds that he doesn't sleep well when he's not there, which could have something to do with all the fire alarms, and she tells him that he squints too much and should get reading glasses. Don does not reply to that, and then Sally rushes up with a stewardess's winged pin and excitedly asks if it's for her. Don, after a long moment, says yes, and Betty takes it and sticks it onto Sally's clothing. Sally then settles in between them and asks about the day she was born, but Don, perhaps thrown by his daughter wearing a memento from one of his tricks, has for the moment lost his lyrical command of the language, so after he haltingly mentions that it was raining hard and he'd just gotten home from work, Betty takes up the story, saying Don didn't feel like getting back in the car, but he did, taking her suitcase and the "little stuffed Eeyore that I knew I was going to give you." Well, no wonder the girl has problems. No one wants to be the Eeyore! Some absolutely beautiful and haunting heavily-stringed instrumental music, the same music that played at the beginning of the episode when Don was having the visions of his own start in life, plays as Don, for his part, looks hopelessly lost all of a sudden, like he's still feeling the loneliness it seemed like he was expressing in Baltimore. I don't think that can be good, but we'll have to wait to find out for sure. See you next week!

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