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Blondie is telling some story about how one time she ate too many Fritos and threw up, and if that's true I'd advise her to go easy on the martinis. She's got another bimbo with her, along with a pilot, who's less impressed than his co-workers at Don's cover profession of accountant and makes that opinion plain. Blondie in turn is unimpressed with the guy's lack of manners, prompting him to apologize, which saves Sal the trouble of pointing out that people wearing lobster bibs shouldn't cast aspersions. Don, however, sees the opportunity to spin a yarn, and informs the table that there are different kinds of accountants before asking Sal to tell them what they do. Sal: "I don't know, Bill." Hee. That line was delivered so dryly that the vermouth on the table got jealous. After Don then implies that they're, as Bib Boy puts it, "a couple of g-men," Blondie says she's from New York and prefers it there. "But it's my job to be out of town." Episode title to the bubblehead in the uniform! Don replies that he keeps going to new places and winding up somewhere he's already been, and while it sounds profound, given how suddenly unsteady he looks, I wonder if he's simply talking about Drunkenland. Bib Boy asks Sal if he wants a nightcap, and when he demurs, the stewardesses giggle that his face is red. Just wait a few hours, chicas.

After dinner, a swarthy, handsome bellhop boards an elevator that already contains Don, Sal, and Blondie. The bellhop gets off first, which, given Sal's lack of experience, will not be the case later, and then Sal's floor arrives, leaving Don alone with Blondie. Don's floor is next, and he does start to disembark, but Blondie catches his arm: "Let me see if it's different than my floor." Oh, Blondie, I have heard some bad lines in my day, some of them coming out of my own mouth, but that was truly awful. Anyway, some borderline staggering from both of them leads to a kiss up against the wall, after which Blondie says she's engaged, but on the other hand, it might be her last chance. Don: "I've been married a long time. You get plenty of chances." Cavalier attitude from someone who got kicked to the curb last season, but if he's taking all his business out of town he's at least learned a thing or two. Not the right thing or two, but a thing or two. I will say, though, that this assignation (if you can call it that, given how it turns out) has a different feel than the ones we've seen in the past; the fact that he presses his forehead to hers for a long moment before murmuring, "It's my birthday," suggests that he's actually just lonely. Of course, it's theoretically possible that he's playing her about that, but that doesn't seem like his M.O., nor does it feel like that's what's going on from the acting. But whatever the case may be, they start making out more heavily... Sal flops down onto his bed without removing a stitch of clothing. However, he reconsiders, as it's apparently hot as balls in there, and when he discovers his air conditioner is on the fritz, he calls downstairs and reports the problem. "It is stagnant in here." Well, that won't be an issue much longer. And the air should get fixed too.

Blondie disrobes in front of Don, giving a nod either to modesty or network TV by covering her breasts with her hands when the camera's on her. Don't worry, straight guys, we gays are going to get gypped too.

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