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We start with a wide pan across the open area before settling on a shot of Pete's closed office door. From inside, we hear what sounds like a recorded comedy routine, and then cut to a closeup of a record player playing a Bob Newhart offering. The boys are gathered in Pete's office and laughing at this brash newcomer, and Ken, between puffs of smoke, tells us that Newhart used to be an accountant. Hildy then enters and tells Pete his wife is there, and it's not like I blame her for not having a sunny disposition given her boss, but her manner when dealing with him is so chilly I'm surprised the record didn't crack on the spot. Pete exits his office and smarmily greets Trudy as "Lovely" and reintroduces her to the "fellas." She gives Harry a kiss and asks after his wife, subtly indicating his greater worth than Ken in her eyes as a family man, and then when the boys dissipate, Pete asks if they have a lunch date of which he was unaware. She says no, but she's taking him away regardless, and after some initial resistance, he smiles and accedes. She tells him their destination is a surprise, and then when Don and Peggy approach, Pete holds his coat in front of his pants to hide his excitement at the exquisite timing. Well, half-exquisite, as Pete happily introduces Trudy to Don, but while Don suavely tells her she's a "lucky girl," Pete and Peggy exchange a knowing look. Peggy takes off, and Don continues laying it on, saying that Pete's "essential to the process" around there, and they're almost as happy to have him as she is. Don takes his leave, and Pete's typical look of vague misapprehension after dealing with Don is punctuated by Trudy's remark that he's so nice. "Not at all like what I imagined." Hee. Arm in arm, the Campbells walk out...

...and after an establishing shot of a tall residential building, Pete and Trudy are in an empty apartment, which Trudy gushes is fifteen hundred square feet and has two nice bedrooms plus a maid's room, and will probably come at thirty thousand dollars. Pete condescendingly starts to tell her that he wants to give her everything, but...Trudy, however, sunnily says that they can get a mortgage. Oh, the good old days. Pete informs her that his yearly pay is thirty-five hundred, and ten percent down would be a year's salary. Trudy has apparently considered this already, though, as she says they're not in it alone. "We're a young couple that needs a little help." Not sure how filling that maid's room is going to aid your financial situation, Trudy, but I did see a balcony out there on top of everything else, so go for it!

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