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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions

Speaking of margarine, Don and Ted are having a very serious discussion about which Gilligan's Island character is which margarine, and Ted, who's lying down, half-slurs, "I don't know who's Ginger. Probably Parkay." Hee. Ted breaks some ideas down systematically, prompting Don to make a disparaging comment about using formulas to come up with ideas before pouring some more booze into Ted's glass. Ted protests that he has to eat something -- good thinking -- and does a good job of looking like he's got the spins as soon as he sits up, whereupon Don gives him a scenario -- it's morning, and a farmer's wife sets pancakes with margarine on top on the kitchen table; there's heavy cream and fried eggs and Don's talking like this is an amazing concept for some reason when it in fact sounds like a parody of itself; it manages to be pedestrian, generic and unbelievable at the same time. Sure, they churn their heavy cream, but they'll sully their pancakes with margarine -- not Fleischmann's for any particular reason, it's worth adding. I keep expecting the show to be in on the joke, like, Don makes fun of Ted for having a creative process and then demonstrates his superior skill... by shitting out a concept that a five-year-old could come up with and storyboard. I mean, I'll give Ted a pass because he's seeing eight of Don and all he can think about at the moment is bacon, but Lord.

There's a knock on the hotel-room door, and Sylvia, still swathed in a sheet, opens it to find a box from Saks; inside, she discovers it contains a red evening dress and looks all appreciative again. Ugh.

Joan gets a knock on her door. Holding a wastebasket close to her face, she asks for a minute, but Benson comes in anyway. Joan reproves him, but he simply misheard her, and it's a good thing, too, as she experiences a convulsive pain. After determining it couldn't be her appendix -- wrong side -- Benson tells her she can't stay, but she's worried about the staff seeing what she's going through. After considering for a moment, though, he kindly takes her arm and tells her to walk with him, "and I'll bother you all the way out. No one will know." Aw. Benson's my favorite new addition this season, not that there are that many to choose from.

Ginzo and Margie are playing cat's cradle (hee) in the creative area while Peggy asks in wonder who talked Topaz into TV spots. Ginzo claims credit, but adds that Margie took the account over, and Margie adds, "The client still calls me 'Peggy'." Heh. Ted then stumbles in, red-faced as can be, and takes a survey of who likes Bobby Kennedy and who wants Gene McCarthy. Peggy wisely gives him her seat, and it's lucky Pete's not around to see that, and then when Mathis tells him he's voting for Nixon, that's enough to cause Ted to put his head down on the desk right there. Well, if you're going to pass out, picking a stylistic cue is a plus. Don, having won this round, tells the rest of the team to call it a day, and most of them don't wait to be asked twice, but Peggy glowers at Don's back before trying to get Ted up. Without moving, he's like, "I'm fine!" Hee. LOVE him.

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