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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions

Back at the office, the Creative people from the two agencies are exchanging a little small talk as Ted looks annoyed that Don's not there yet. Stan talks about how he worked on the KKK spot that was "too hot to run," and Ginzo tells him it's very impressive. Stan thanks him, whereupon Ginzo clarifies, "You made it fifteen minutes before you brought it up!" Hee. Peggy joins the group, and when she tells Ted that she just spoke with what could be either "Don" or "Dawn," Ted asks, "Black or white?" Oh, Ted. Peggy wisely declines to answer directly, instead going on that "she" wouldn't tell her anything. "She's an excellent secretary." Well, as good as one can be for not actually being in the episode. I understand budget issues, believe me, but this is feeling like we're about to find out that Dawn's actually being held against her will at Judy Bernly's house.

Ted decides to start the meeting, and as such tells them that before they formally get into Fleischmann's specific benefits and previous work, he wants to, "I don't know, have a little rap session about margarine in general." I don't know what to tell you other than that I'm quite sure I transcribed that accurately. His point is for them to free-associate; Mathis, after being whispered to by his art guy, offers "My grandmother," while Peggy intones, "Yellow." Ginzo comes up with a few descriptive adjectives, which Ted encourages, but when Ginzo adds that people hate it, Ted takes umbrage to the statement. Ginzo: "You said there were no wrong answers." Ted: "I didn't say that." Heh. In Ginzo's defense, though, I'll say that the exercise alone heavily implied it, but Stan, Judas that he is, only pipes up that he doesn't hate it. Peggy then tells the group that Napoleon III invented margarine, "because armies need to move and it never spoiled." That's true of soup made from boiled socks and pencils, too, but I suppose I take her point. So does Ted, and Stan, impressed, wonders how she knew that, but Peggy tells him she just did. Ted asks them to get down ten uses for margarine. "French Army's number one." Not to get too into semantics, Ted, but the French Army is a use for margarine? (Sorry to quote Cyril Figgis again, but it's like "The Nazis invented Neil Armstrong?")

Sylvia's getting dressed and complaining about how Rosen told her to "cut the apron strings" with respect to their son, which is rich coming from a man who rushed upstairs to borrow some wrapping paper so Mitchell's star would remain undiminished in his mother's eye. And Sylvia does seemingly have reason to worry, as the boy is in Paris (I neglected to mention it last episode, but Rosen did tell Marie that Mitchell was bound for the Continent) and "all of France in on fire; I don't even know if the phones are working." Don very sympathetically is like, I don't want to hear about your husband, and then he settles into a chair, fixes her with a look, and tells her he wants her to crawl on her hands and knees to find his shoes.

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