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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions

Burt comes in to see Roger, who invites him to have a seat and remarks, "Here we are again!" Burt huffily tells Roger that he hasn't forgotten anything, to which Roger remarks that sometimes, you do something and you don't realize until later how much you enjoyed it. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find that line in the pages of Sterling's Gold, but Roger's point is that you have to remember to savor it if the opportunity comes around again. Burt takes this as a conciliatory gesture and tells Roger he thinks he can work with him as well, but Roger's like, oh no no no -- you're fired! Burt can't believe it, but Roger gleefully goes on that no one fought for Burt, and as it happens, Ken is off touring the Chevrolet plant right now by himself. Burt tries to say that he's got four million in billings, but Roger says that's exactly the issue -- he was picturing Burt talking over him in meetings. "Now, I don't have that problem." He goes on in this vein, breezily and prickishly dismissing the possibility of any kind of severance, and are we as the audience supposed to know where this is coming from? When Burt was last fired, he had a dying wife, and it was taken as a real tragedy, only done on orders from London. It also doesn't seem like Burt did a bad job for CGC -- even if no one fought for him, it sounds like it was either him or Ken, and coming in second to Ken Cosgrove is no shame, no matter what Pete might say. No, I think the show's going for funny here and miscalculating badly, at least the way I see it; I also find it not particularly credible that the CGC partners would leave this firing to Roger, however distasteful they might have found doing it themselves...

...but it's happened regardless, and when Burt runs into Benson on his way out, the latter introduces himself with an enthusiastic smile and his slightly-too-loud voice and says he's supposed to report to him. Burt: "Well, as the first order of business, I recommend you stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!" It lacks the vitriol of his last firing, but it's a pretty decent exit line nonetheless, and Benson looks appropriately horror-stricken. If he were carrying two coffees, I'm sure he'd spill at least one of them.

Here's the knock on the hotel-room door none of us have been waiting for, and Sylvia answers from the darkened interior. Inside, Don pulls her into a kiss in an I-saw-it-in-a-movie-once romantic way, and after he gets her on the bed, he asks her to repeat the bit she told him earlier about how nothing else would do. Guess what? She does.

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