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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions

...but he's got more immediate problems, as the phone call is from his super or some other member of the building staff -- his mother is in his apartment. The guy tells Pete that Dot -- that is her name, if you'll recall -- was banging on his door demanding to see his father, and she was making such a racket he thought someone was going to call the police. Pete asks to speak with her, so "Billy" puts her on the phone, but not without Pete asking him if he'd get her a gin and tonic with two ice cubes. It may seem like an imposition, but Pete's probably doing Billy a favor. Dot informs Pete that she found his address on her nightstand "in some woman's handwriting," and she assumed his father was up to his old tricks. Pete doesn't know where to start with that one, so he tells her he's going to send his brother Bud over to get her, to which Dot replies that Bud's "going to send that girl Trudy." Pete informs her that Bud's wife is Judy while his is Trudy, thank you very much, but Dot isn't impressed: "Now I suppose I'm crazy for mixing those up." Hee. They disconnect, after which Pete makes another call. Normally he'd get Clara to do it, but a rotary phone does enable you to dial with extreme prejudice.

The meeting is just breaking up, and Don's the first to leave, which really befits the last to arrive. He pauses at the chaos in front of Dawn's desk -- again, no indication of where she is -- and then Peggy and Burt appear. Burt crows about the worm having turned, and I love Michael Gaston but I'm not sure what Burt thinks he's on about here; in any case, Don is as gracious as he gets in saying it's nice to have the old team back together, although he is looking only at Peggy when he says it. Peggy smiles, then asks in reference to the ringing phone, "Do you want me to get that?" Hee. Don answers, and it's Sylvia; he tells his two now-subordinates he's got to take it, and Burt smiles, but there's an edge in his tone as he says he and Don will have plenty of time to catch up on flights to Detroit. When Don's gone, Burt tells Peggy, "He's still a cold fish," but Peggy doesn't care so hard that she's out of frame before the words exit his mouth.

Sylvia asks Don to come over, as she needs him, "and nothing else will do." Don gets an interested look on his face and considers for a moment before telling Sylvia he'll meet her at 12:30 at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. "Call me with a room number." I may be jumping the gun a bit here, but: Yes, master!

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