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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions

Don enters the hotel room and uncertainly looks around before calling out that he's there, which is more "Honey, I'm home," than "Woman, get on your knees," not that that's going to be relevant much longer. You see, Sylvia emerges from the bathroom dressed and ready to leave, and she tells him she thinks it's time to go home. "I think this is over." He doesn't read her, for which I can't entirely blame him since this character has been all over the place, so she takes his hand and tells him she had a dream -- a plane crashed, after which she went to Don's funeral and Megan cried on her shoulder, and then she returned to Arnold and told him, "I've been away, but I'm home. The metaphorical 'home' and 'away.' It's a stretch to say I was literally away, since most of the time Don and I were banging in the maid's room, but I was emotionally away. And now I'm emotionally home, so when I leave to go to the grocery store, there's no need to think of me as 'away' because I won't be." Dreams are often hard to parse, so I thought I'd explain that one for you. And honestly, if Megan crying on Sylvia's shoulder in real life didn't move Sylvia to anything but jealousy, I find it hard to believe a dream would, but again, I shouldn't argue with results of which I'm in favor, so let's let Sylvia tell Don again how it's time to go HOME: "This is over, and not just this." Heh, I like that she has no idea what to call what they've been up to here.

Don's bravado cracks, and he tries to tell her that it's easy to give something up when you're satisfied -- as if he'd know anything about it -- but she counters, "It's easy to give something up when you're ashamed." Aside from the fact that that's not necessarily true, I never read shame from her before, so maybe we can partially blame Casting for the misstep with this character. Desperate, he begs her with a "Please," but she merely tells him they should go. Defeated, he opens the door for her, but after she leaves, he looks at the red dress lying on the bed. I know it's meant to be symbolic -- what around here isn't, lately? -- but it's not like you let her wear the damn thing for more than ten seconds in your presence anyway. How attached could she be?

Roger, Pete, Joan and Cutler are having a personnel meeting -- this is where we officially learn that Margie got the axe -- and Cutler wants to can Benson to even out the numbers between SCDP and CGC. Pete advocates for Benson, and I'm glad there's no guilt by association for that debacle with his father-in-law, but Cutler is still unimpressed, and falls back on the "Last in, first out" rule. Well, we know Don would be in favor. Roger and Pete don't have an answer to that, but Joan is like, okay, sure -- except Bob has been very involved with Ken's accounts, and with Ken in Detroit -- sounds like he's there for a good long while -- firing Benson might compromise their continuity of service. This, of course, only makes Peterson's firing seem even hastier, but Cutler gives in, and Pete and Joan exchange a conspiratorial look before Joan moves on to the secretaries...

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