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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions

Coming into the apartment from outside (and I mistakenly said in the recaplet this was in Jersey, but we know Joan lives somewhere in upper Manhattan), Gail tells Benson she's not sure if "Joanie" is awake, but Benson only wants to drop off a kid's-size football, jauntily wrapped in a red bow and ribbon. Gail, however, heads in to investigate, and Joan emerges from the bedroom in a robe and is surprised to see Benson. As he hands over the gift, he apologizes that he wasn't planning on dropping in like this but wanted to see if she was feeling better. Joan smiles that Kevin is only two and as such will merely play with the bow, and then Gail's like, have a seat! Stay a while! Woman knows a good thing when she sees it, but Benson tells them he has to get back to the office -- he did leave his overcoat on his chair, but that will probably only work so long. At my first job I had a friend who would take off entire afternoons to play golf with essentially no more sophisticated a trick. He, too, was quite good-looking, though.

Gail sees Benson out and then comes back to tell Joan he's adorable -- we're all starting to think so -- but Joan thinks he's too young for her. Gail, however, replies that she knows from experience that younger men are not intimidated by powerful women, and having experienced that for herself in ways both good and bad, I can't believe Joan would argue the point. She does, however, express the opinion that Benson isn't interested, and she's possibly jumping to that conclusion because now he's seen her at less than her best, but she might also have a point when she adds that Benson's worrying about his job. Also, we learn that Joan had a cyst on her ovary, and my great friend Mark Blankenship spared me the trouble of making any remarks about that with this hilarious piece. Gail tells Joan that every good deed is not part of some plan, prompting Joan to reconsider the gift in a new light. Joan, you don't care what I think and also you are fictional, but that's not going to stop me from green-lighting you here.

Pete trudges back into the office and mumbles that Dot left the teakettle on, and the fire was mostly smoke. Clara, of course, then has to give Pete the news that the meeting happened without him, and "apparently it went very well." Pete gets his trademark lemon-sucking face as he tells her that him not being there precludes it having gone "very well," and does she understand her employment is tied to him? Given the apparent secretarial shortage, I wouldn't necessarily take his word for it, but Clara merely nods and tells him not to feel bad that he was taking care of his mother. Pete: "My mother can go to Hell. Ted Chaough can fly her there." Hee. Also, she would get to see her husband again that way! He asks her to give him a minute, and after she exits, he leans against his desk like he's an old man. Time to take a little more out of the hairline, H&M Department.

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